Grim Misadventure #50: A Very B20 Preview

Nice work guys. Keep up the steady progress.

medierra we both know you are not worried about “all those poor ppl” but about sales and ur ego,and decent hyperbole can certainly hurt 2nd quite a bit

  1. at this day and age, making good game implies making it in reasonable amount of time,ESPECIALLY if you start selling in alpha.thats not law obsly,but neither is being polite or respecting deceased people
  2. if you start selling unfinished product,it is expected of you by your customers that you develop faster then 2 IT students
  3. realising that you absolutely understand both,i as a customer can only conclude that you want to put in bare minimal content to make this game look “ok”,sell as much as you can,and start another project leaving this game with minimal support.(clarification : since this comes to mind,no matter how i like certain mechanics of gd that make it good arpg,i absolutely cannot like this game and would never recommend buying it to anyone who expects a hardcore game)
    the way i picture crate’s stand on their product explains both why GD is selled for price of complete game,why it developes slowly,why it doesnt even develop on relative schedule and also why 1st comment burned you so much Kappa

A french version is disponible there if you can’t understand all things writed here/une version française est disponible si vous ne comprenez pas tout ce qui est écrit ici:

(for the french community).

Why do continue to post publicly?

On the actual topic - This update sounds really good! Waiting patiently, even though it is tough. Good on you Crate.


Sweet update.

Looks like things are ticking along nicely! I am out of the country for the next 3 weeks, so Crate by all means, take your time :slight_smile:

Interesting update, unfortunately it also brings extra waiting times! Don’t take this wrongly Crate, I’m so hyped about that I’m getting impatient, you are still doing great job!

I’m a bit concerned about Cloud saving, especially that part where you mentioned save files will be consolidated into one. Is the end of duping items by abusing separate character and stash save files?

We are trying to provide a realistic time-frame. Doing our best to be on the short end of the estimate.

Heh…the save file is not consolidated into one file, but all the fog data is. Your duping is safe I guess. You also do not have to enable Cloud Saving.

This is much appreciated.

I’ve taken to deleting everything before a new build so I can start on an absolute fresh slate so having the cloud be optional is great.

All the little quality of life updates (floor textures/gun FX) sound great and I’m happy to see more of what already exists in the game get polished up even as ya’ll work on new things.

This all sounds great. As for bug fixes, can we expect a fix to pathing that creates problems for Soldier and NB skills?

Also, are AoE/non-projectile spells finally going to stop checking vs deflection? Or things like DoT from Black cocktail vs enemy deflection.

Just to clarify, the “fog” files for MY_TOON live here:
C:\Users\MY_USER\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\SaveData\Main_MY_TOON\\Normal\fow\Levels

FOW stands for “fog of war” and it refers to the way the game stores which regions on the map that you have visited versus the black that covers the areas you have yet to visit. There are tons of files in this folder and the subfolders. These files being consolidated into a single file is not going to effect anyone in any visible way. Just a sign of the devs making progress.

Excellent news, glad to hear steam cloud is optional. Looking forward to stand alone game at release.

Shame to hear about the added delay, but such is how alpha goes and, fully understand the need for delays.

@ Dune. if you don’t understand what early access to an alpha involves and the fact that almost no game, regardless of the size of the team making, has ever been released on the first rough release date. All of them have had delays. Look at Duke Nukem, big established teams…and still delayed by 10 years. Then maybe you should stick to finished released games, and stop accusing a hard working small team of being lazy and owing you anything. As to the rest of your fantasy/comments…how about either offer proof of your accusations (Not just because you think/know) or just shut up with false and fake info.

Keep the updates coming! Following this game has been great. Can’t wait to see the polished final build in the future

Thanks for the update and keep up the good work Crate!

I don’t care what anyone says…GD is one of the top 5 games in the last 20 years…It’s got that 3rd edition AD&D feel going on at times… fantastic!!! combat!!.. A superb skill/class system…! I love this game it’s genuinely fun…

Keep it up Crate …and thank you! Excited about B20!

To be honest I wasn’t thrilled about the cloud, I’ve had nothing but issues with it with other games. I then read it doesn’t have to be enabled which makes me happy.

Other than that the game is shaping up nicely. The work put forward is quite obvious to most of us, I hope the naysayers aren’t going to continue to pollute the forums with nonsense.

“In some cases, they have been significantly redone (I’m looking at you, Boots of Unseeing Swiftness).”

Had to laugh at this. Should be interesting to see what these have become.

Great to hear about the upcoming update. That Dune guy needs to relax… does he realize not every game on kickstarter even manages to finish? I backed one and it made millions… the updates were coming fairly fast but then just died? Since Christmas there hasn’t been much work. I have no idea when the original release date was for Grim Dawn, but be happy that its still progressing and that the devs are very talkative with the community!

I am happy to be a backer :). Also its summer! Go outside if patience is an issue, lots to do out there. Crate kicks ass!

Mein Gott I am excited.

super excited for this update. you guys are doing a hell of a good job.

as to the people complaining its taking too long…there are other games to play in the mean time. Wasteland 2 and Divinity are fantastic options to play until this game moves along more.

excited for b20. keep up the awesome work devs :slight_smile:

1: 4 years of development isn’t actually that long. Better games tend to wait awhile to make sure that it’s polished and not rushed out into existence only to be scrutinized by reviewers or the players.

2: Don’t include everyone in your statements. I don’t expect the development to be fast because there are warnings that it won’t be. Also I highly doubt 2 IT students could replicate what Crate is doing. Arpg’s take a ton of work.

3: They have gone back to earlier parts of the game to make improvements. They are STILL doing this when it comes to act 1. Clearly you haven’t been following this game for very long because compared to other early access games Grim Dawn is super polished.

Great update, not surprised about it taking 2-4 more weeks to iron out the issues.