Grim Misadventure #50: A Very B20 Preview

Exactly. Most people have no idea of how long it takes to implement even petty content to an already very polished game.

I guess GD has come to the point where you can’t just add new stuff as you would add new component to a recipe.

I am truly amazed to see how tough the devs are: most “indie” project go downhill after the first year of development. GD on the contrary is becoming closer and closer to a full A quality game.

Again, I congratulate the devs for their incredible work

you don’t know just how much i appreciate this attitude, it’s pure gold. let’s just say i have a rather good comparison at hand where they don’t have a design philosophy like that and the gameplay seems to suffer in the long run as a consequence.

EDIT: Nevermind about this post. For some reason I couldn’t get around Dune’s attitude.

  1. If this is an unwritten rule then I don’t like it. I personally like the length of the Alpha. I may be playing more than if they had the game complete, because all the new builds add interesting new things to check out.
  2. They’re letting you buy into the Alpha, this is completely optional and it’s very clear what you’re buying into. You’re making an issue where there isn’t one.
  3. It’s an ARPG, you grind, you get new gear so you can grind more. I feel with the current lvl 35 crafting there is enough content. Having only Act I and II makes it fun to try out different classes and skill builds. I have 6 characters and over 100 hours into the game. If that’s all I can expect for ~$20 I’d say that’s a great deal! (Note: I’m a casual player, only play a few good games. I mostly play disc golf and guitar).

Why do you care enough to complain? Go play other games and if you feel like it Grim Dawn after it’s complete.

I will rather wait a year to not seeing another pre-alpha release as Diablo III was. Keep it on, guys!

Better to wait for one good game than buy 10 average games which I even would not play.

Crate, great ideas and great approach! Its so important to get it right and for an alpha game, GD is beyond ANY that I have seen at this point in development.

Much better to take your time and get it right! I hope b20 will include a level cap increase, please!

Love this game, you guys continue to rock!

Great work, B20 sounds like it’s going to be an interesting update, looking forward to it.

On the changes to the Sets where you say you have made some sets easier to collect as you have removed some items. What happens if you are wearing the removed item when the update occurs will it just disappear from your character along with any attached components?

loving the new bonuses to set items!

“Steam Cloud Saves” is only for people who play on more than one computer

“Steam Cloud Saves” means your character files are saved on the Steam server and on your pc

so you can play at home and then exit the game and your character will be saved locally and on Steam at the same time
then you can go to work, log into Steam and your character will be downloaded from Steam to your work pc

it can have problems
you could play for a few hours, gain a bunch of levels and then shut off your pc before the save is able to go through to Steam

then next time you start the game Steam will download its saved version (which is really old and out of date) and it will over write your leveled up char

you can set “Save to Cloud” off in the Steam game options
I always keep mine off

you can also go into Steam and set the game to automatically download patches (not talking about character saves, but actual game updates)

people might want to consider turning this option off in case you start the game and the multiplayer patch downloads and messes up your current character files, quests and items

you might want to make sure there are no big issues before wasting your maxed out awesome character

(and by the way, I’ve given tons of criticism and my posts have never been deleted)

I love it. Thanks for all the hard work and great ideas.

One question though: will this update alter the already existing/dropped items stored in the inventory or just the future items dropped after the update?

The items that were removed were from sets that are not currently equippable. Just giving people a heads up that some of their stowed away items may disappear. Bloodreaper’s Boots were converted to a new epic that is not part of a set.

Unless otherwise stated, all changes to items are retroactive.

Wow, that was quick. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Great update post and exciting to read. I’m amped for it.

@Dune - Man, you should be ashamed of yourself and that smack coming out your lips. Dunno what all else was said but from what I gathered it was uncalled for and out of line.

Every build has brought tons of changes and it is more than evident Crate’s been hard at work.

Until you apologize for your complete lack of faith and intentional blindness, disrespect and disregard, you rate about as much as a two-bit chump in my eyes, if even.

Keep up the awesome job Crate. The rest of us see clearly what’s in plain sight.

Medierra, Zantai and his team of developer’s are not going to release a sub - par game just to appease their customers. Especially not to appease degenerates like you.

Seriously man, go back to school, learn how to spell, structure sentences correctly and, oh I almost forgot, f***** grow a pair.


Excellent update Zantai looking forward to MP! Quality can’t be rushed.

I must admit that when I saw the title to this thread I thought it said “A very bad preview” lol.

Oh and gratz on reaching 50 of these. I feel like that deserves some sort of recognition :slight_smile:

So the items are removed altogether rather than being turned into single items which are not part of a set, like the Bloodreaper Boots ?

That is correct. The patch notes will list off the removed items. I think they were all boots and pants, so nothing thrilling.

Excuse me Zantai, but boots can be very thrilling.