Grim Misadventure #81: Meet the Outcast

Grim Misadventures is here! The last time, we took another good look at the upcoming Legendary equipment, the highest tier of items in Grim Dawn which will bestow upon you supreme powers and bonuses. But that is only scratching the surface of the awesomeness we have in store for you as we near the end of the line.

Today, we are going to reveal the final faction for Grim Dawn: the Outcast. Yes, that is Outcast without the plural. And it is a she, a very specific she. The Outcast’s name is Anasteria, and she is a witch.

You have already come in contact with her kind back in the Blood Grove, when you encountered a trio of terrified peasants trying to dispose of a witch in the only matter that seems fitting: burning at the stake. Depending on how you chose to resolve the situation, Rallia either met her end at the hands of these individuals, or you set her free…for better or worse. When you arrive at Fort Ikon to the north, you will discover that the Black Legion seems to have a witch problem of their own.

Not much is known about the enigmatic Anasteria, or why she knows so much about the Aetherials and their plans for humanity. She seemingly arrived out of nowhere, her hands raised high above her head as she approached the Legion forces in the north. She was immediately taken to the Inquisitor, who the Black Legion brass decided would be the most experienced in dealing with witches and sorcery. Before the Grim Dawn, witches would often be tried and burnt on the same day they were captured, their position in society beneath even that of occultists.

Anasteria was brought before Creed bound in chains. She could seldom lift a finger without a Legion Myrmidon reaching for his blade. Creed insisted upon calm. He too was cautious of this mysterious arrival, but he was willing to hear her out before condemning her to the noose. Anasteria spoke at length about all she had learned about the Aetherials through her premonitions and warnings from the bones.

What sparked Creed’s attention though was mention of an impending Aetherial attack upon a Legion camp out in the Asterkarn Valley. Creed motioned for the guards to deliver this information to Commander Lucius immediately. Perhaps Anasteria was lying, but if she was right then Legion lives were at stake. Creed was not willing to take that chance. An eldritch familiar was sent out at once to warn the scouts of the attack. Creed and Anasteria sat in silence, awaiting the result of her warning.

Within the hour, Commander Lucius himself entered the room to inform Creed of Aetherial forces pouring into the Asterkarn Mountains through a pass they had believed was too snowed in for anyone to cross. Thanks to Anasteria’s warning, the scouts were able to retreat in time. Creed and Lucius eyed the witch with curiosity, her mask hiding any indication of her reaction to the news. Creed ordered that Anasteria’s shackles be removed. If they were to continue talking, they would do so on equal terms.

Creed asked to be left alone with the mysterious witch. They talked for hours about the Aetherial plans for assimilating humanity, but when Creed’s questions got too specific, she would shrug and draw a blank. Her knowledge, it seemed, still had its limits. There were secrets about the Aetherials that even this witch did not know, or perhaps refused to share. Nevertheless, Anasteria was willing to help the Legion fight their powerful foe.

Creed emerged from the interrogation chamber with Anasteria in tow. He declared that no harm was to come to the witch under severe penalty. She carried valuable information that could save lives. The Commander scowled at her, not entirely comfortable with having such a pariah within his walls, but he respected Creed’s wishes. Anasteria, with her life secured, presented the Legion command with detailed information on Aetherial movement in the area, as well as where they planned to strike next. None could fathom how she came upon this information, but with her earlier warning proving all too accurate, they were not willing to take any chances.

Anasteria’s information proved to be eerily accurate at first, allowing the Legion to cripple Aetherial forces with unexpected attacks, or to retreat where the situation was hopeless. She had singlehandedly saved countless human lives, though hardly anyone in the Legion was willing to admit it. Over time, her knowledge became more spotty, until eventually the day came when she was wrong. The enemy, it seems, has adjusted their tactics.

Some of Anasteria’s rewards to those who trust her

With her knowledge spent, many in the Legion started calling for her swift execution, branding her an unnatural witch and a heathen, but Inquisitor Creed insisted that she had earned their trust and deserved to live, despite any predispositions the soldiers may have towards her kind.

For now, Creed’s command seems to be respected; but how long will it be before someone in the Legion decides to take justice into their own hands? You arrive at Fort Ikon during a contentious time. What will Anasteria’s fate be? That may well fall upon you.

The enigmatic witch awaits you in Act 4. Will you meet her with hostility, or understanding?

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 10/12/2015 for our regular development updates!

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Awesome! Been wanting to hear about this faction for a while.

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Because why not? :stuck_out_tongue:
Yay, more lore, though only if you saved her?!

A very interesting read and can’t wait to find out more of this faction. And the final plot on how all things are connected.


Gotta still hold on any info on that Devotion feature, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Still no ETA for B28 yet? :undecided:

pretty cool… but I wonder if the decision you made in the blood grove makes her an “allied faction” or an “enemy faction” :rolleyes:

I’m guessing either way she’s an ally, 'cause I can’t imagine she has hordes of lackeys for us to wade through to achieve negative status (where it’s easy to have missions/bounties for increasing status).


Lost my chance at first comment due to looking for a hype gif, and I still came up empty handed.

Take this instead.

My body is ready… for the aetherials to take over.

Post pointless first post first, then read and update later if needed. :slight_smile:
Note: I got in second because Nine reads super fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

seems like most other games I play become more and more filler until the next build of grim dawn comes out. It’s really become a love hate relationship

We can’t wait to show you, but it’s not quite ready for prime time.

Your decision in Blood Grove will not impact Anasteria’s reaction to you.

Hm, only an ally, curious deduction, curious…

And I can’t wait to read the Grim Misadventure showing this feature working…

Keep the awesome work going on the best ARPG I’ve played in years!

Hmm with the “Forgotten God” and it’s connection to “Thaidrus Kymon” i wonder if certain shrines are bound by faction. This because of the “Shrine of the Forgotten God”

Hehe, awesome to know that the Outcast is so cool looking My guess? I’m pretty sure she’s an Aetherial out for revenge on her own kind… Makes you wonder if the ones we’ve seen are only soldiers and the “people” might have a different approach to all this invasion by force kind of thing :rolleyes:. To bring it home, I’m 99% certain you’ll gain reputation with her by killing Aetherials.

Edit: The Aetherials really give me a Yeerks impression, from the Animorph’s series. Wonder if their victims are conscious but unable to control their bodies? A scary thought…

OOOh, Intrigue, a mysterious stranger and tough choices. Is she an asset or a liability? An agent? Or a double agent? I love how the lore is developing.


I’m guessing she’ll give you a blueprint for saving her, then. One of those 2 armors you showed? (which are gorgeous btw. I want the cloak!)

She already gives you a rare item for saving her. Those armors are faction equipment.

I was thinking along similar lines, though maybe she was possessed just as we are and because of her witch abilities she was able to see inside of the possessing Aetherial, eventually fighting it off and freeing herself. It would help explain why her information is starting to become outdated.

It might also be interesting if she were a willing cohort, similar to the Warden, who has had a turn of heart; denouncing her previous ways and seeking atonement for whatever crimes she feels she committed.

awesome. i dont cant wait to play. aaaaaaahhhhhh