Grim Misadventures #0: Greetings from Zantai!

Greetings people of the internet, especially you fantastic supporters of Grim Dawn. My name is Kamil “Zantai” Marczewski, and I have joined Arthur Bruno on his noble quest of bringing you one of the most memorable ARPG experiences to date. Specifically, my job will be to game the design, or possibly breathe life and mystery into the dark world of Cairn…or was it to consume energy drinks at an unhealthy pace to achieve a state of nirvana?

For the vast majority of you who do not know me, I started my game design career at the ripe age of twelve, building Starcraft mods. That passion has only grown over the years as I moved on to more complex and ambitious projects. My last modding work involved the once popular Starcraft II mod “Zerg Hunter RPG”( Since then, I had moved on to professional design work at 38 Studios where I was responsible for creating game content, including some very complicated scripted event work. As you may have heard, 38 Studios had recently closed amidst a rather unpleasant financial disaster that left many very talented people without work in a matter of weeks.

But the horrors of losing a passionate place to work aside, all is not bad, as I had a chance to meet with an insane and probably dangerous designer named Arthur Bruno through shared contacts. After exchanging war stories, twisted dreams, and dirty secrets, Arthur decided to offer me a place in his cult.

Now that I am fully on board, you can expect to see a lot more of me around the forums (some of you may have already noticed me sleuthing around for the past week, absorbing your deepest desires into the dark web of our design goals). One thing I promise to deliver on is what I would like to call “Grim Misadventures”. You see, it turns out that when you make games, sometimes mistakes are made; and oftentimes, those mistakes can yield hilarious results. I wish to share you with you my stumbles and stories as I help create the world and, just maybe, I might sneak in some peeks at things to come. You can expect a regular Grim Misadventures update on a 2 week basis every other Sunday evening, starting with today’s post (that means 6/24/2012 is next!).

But Zantai, what if you turn out to be a disappointment to your mother and you actually won’t make hilarious mistakes? Fret not, dear reader, we shall figure something out…

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in first!..

I always love more insight into game development… bring it on!

I was wondering where the 38 Studio talent pool was going to end up… :slight_smile:
Did you work on Amalur? I had fun with it, so hopefully you were responsible for the good parts of that game :wink:

Welcome aboard, and now get to work!

Welcome aboard! and congrats on the job! look forward to hearing more from you!

This is going to be awesome. :smiley:

Welcome to the Forums and glad you got a job with Crate :smiley:

Enjoy your stay and cant wait to hear more from you.

It is a delight to welcome you, Zantai, and I look forward to hearing of your (mis)adventures with Crate!

that would be a good start:D!

Anyway, I am impatient to see more of your work! Best of luck!

Welcome aboard.
Just like to tell you I’m playing Kingdoms of Amalur and really enjoy it. A shame there will never be a sequel.

Welcome aboard to the best community :wink:
You wont regret it.

Welcome to grim dawn! Nao GET TO WORK ON THAT ALPHA!!!1!!

Welcome mate!

Hey, Zantai, you were born in Poland,i guess?

I just want to say Zantai that your surname is dead easy to spell - I have a good mate with the same surname :slight_smile:

Needless to say, it is good that you managed to land on your feet once more after 38 Studios closed. I hope there is plenty more good times ahead. Or are they meant to be grim times. Arrrgh. I don’t know.

Welcome Zantai! Looking forward to see more of you. And congrats on the position! A word of warning; watch out for the cultists around here, they might be just funny to you at first, but they quickly grow rather intimidating…

Is that how you kids call it these days?

Congratulations and welcome! Hoping you find your time at Crate interesting and enjoyable.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your new job, It couldn’t have been a more awesome one right?
Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Praise him! Glory to the newest Lord of Crate!
We must offer up a blood sacrifice in his homour. Prepare the virgins!