Grimanual Page 1

The Grimanuel is a series of thread, all linked together using conventional tag akin to a wiki. The content is focused on developing a missing component from the phrase RTFM (There is no M!) and Grim Dawn modding.

For example, if I were to develop an xmax mod, how would I do that? What? Are you still here? See you did not get it, back up and click thexmax mod. Oh, I see. You are tricky. You aim to fail me even in the simplest things. You clicked the second xmax mod link on purpose to both do as I ask and annoy me simultaneously. I think you will be well suited to the ways of Grim Dawn modding. You need to like pain and suffering for no reason whatsoever. I think you will like the power you get when you have successfully RTFMed. How do I know that? Because you are still here. Hoping there is another link. One called how to start the freaking AsshatManager and not blow up your computer doing it and be ready to actually make a mod for Grim Dawn.

The Grimanual is meant to be wiki in terms of contribution. It is not going to ever get that huge, if it does, we can move it to another platform, but for now, this forum can get a resource of text ready to help people learn how to use the tools to make a mod.mPlease contribute what you know. And link and organize things nicely to integrate into a manual. This has so far been written in utter haste, but I will edit it with bleach at some future time point. When you are not watching me.

To be continued…by you.

This may not be the appropriate place for this, but I would like to share my experience in learning to mod. Perhaps the path
I took could prove useful for creating learning material.

First, watch Ceno’s video; book mark it. You don’t have to study it or take any notes at this point. Listen to his advice
and watch him work.

Next, print out this resource. You’ll know what it is from the video and just set it aside for now.

I created a dirty little flow chart to go along with Ceno’s video. Print it out and watch his video again. Add notes as needed.
Again, you don’t need to study every little detail, just get an idea of how things are layed out, and where to find things.

Now for some hands-on. Pick a stand-alone mod mastery. I chose Somerled’s Coronus because I enjoy playing it. Install the
mod mastery and begin to tinker. Adjust skill values, move icons around, add skills, change tag information, change images,
anything. I recommend keeping multiple back-ups. Things will break and you will get frustrated. I also keep a written log of
what I want to do, and what I did between build tests.

I am not a pro/vet modder. I have just gotten through the basics. Ask for help. What you want to do may have already been