(Grimarillion) need help on bug & tweaking

for few days, i’ve been tinkering around with Grimarillion mod as my first step to learn modding Grim Dawn (im really interested in modding) and also as a way to familiarize myself with the tools and settings in the game.

so far, i’ve been able to do simple tweaking such as level cap increase, Devotion point shrine increase, stat per point increase, and many more.

but just few hours ago, i’ve encountered something strange, whether its from my tweaking or just a rare bug that’s happen to me.
during custom game with Grimarillion that has been tweaked by me, the first part of the game plays nicely until i reach the mission “Securing Burrwitch” where i have to go to Burrwitch to secure the portal, the problem is when i approach the Burrwitch portal, the screen shows message that aetherials are swarming the portal but nothing spawn there, i’ve looked around burrwitch and notice that its really empty, no enemy spawning.
i decided to exit to main menu and reenter the game again but still no enemy spawning around portal and burrwitch area.

is it bug from the game, or my tweaking result in this bug? if my tweaking result in this bug, what makes this happen?

Can’t say for sure but probably a broken quest or script file somewhere

possible, because there’s few things i tweaked that may or may not conflicting with the game…

so far i found 3 possible error :

  • some of my tweaking may trigger some sort of Anti-piracy measure (don’t know how) which caused the enemies to stop spawning

  • an unfortunate rare bug that unexpectedly happened

  • my level cap increase tweak, because i found info on Reddit that increasing level cap over 100 breaks enemy spawning

i need some more testing to confirm which one is the cause, but my mind heavily leans towards my level cap increase tweak.

If you’re over level 100 that could definitely be a cause, not sure why it happens I haven’t looked into it, but I do know it happens according to a few people who have tested it

and you’re right, just finished doing test and found out that setting level cap over 100 just break the whole spawning system (even Grimmest’s spawning broke)

according to forum posts here, the only way to fix it is using LUA script (monster proxies uses LUA script)

This happens when the field ‘maxPlayerLevel(x)’ in the associated proxy pool is not set (or isn’t there at all);
the game engine uses then a default value of ‘100’.
If you set it to ‘200’ (for example), the proxy spawns the enemies as long as your character level is not higher than this value.

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ohh i see, so if i want to set player level cap to 200, i also has to change the proxies max level to 200 too?

allright that opens up my tweaking path to proxies.

I had a suspicion that this was the issue, good find

not yet doing tweaking on proxies but this could potentially opens up possibility of mod that offers players a no-level cap endgame mod.

great info, appreciated.

what does the x refer too? (since there is min/maxPlayerLevel2 … (and higher?) )
think i understood that now

ps. uh, there are also maxPlayerLevelChampion entries … somehow i giess those may need to be adressed too?


think i found an easier solution:

what if we edit the defaultvalue setting in the template?

Are these any useful? I am wondering what these dbr actually affect.

Hey! edit this and tell me if it fixed! Set the max to like 200.

ncience, which template did you find those variables? I would love to test that.
Edit: Nvm found, and tried it but nothin. Even went to proxy’s and set crystals player max level to 200 and spawn always true. not a single crystal showed in burial hill, ghost town.