GrimDawn [] Cold bladespirit & shadowstrike Spellbreaker

GrimDawn’s playing time exceeds 8700 hours, and AoM’s playing time has also reached about 1500 hours, so post this fun build.

The concept tried out how many BladeSprit can be summoned by shortening skill recharge.

Video to kill Logholean as usual:

2018/1/19 Build Update.

Concept change.

→ OA increase. Shadow strike’s AoE greatly added.
There is still a way to increase the number of summons for Blade Spirit.
However, I made it a build that does not damage the power of the shadow strike.
Devotion and components are dared to set up defense.

  1. You’ve played 62 full days of AoM in the ~95 that it has been out?!

  2. “DW” typically means “dual wield,” meaning two weapons, rather than the offhand you are showing.

  3. Your OA is a bit low for Ultimate, didn’t you find?

Which title do you want?

Sorry, I mistook the title.
I do not mind the lowness of OA.
Because this build is basically damaged by multiple summons of Blade Spirit.

Regarding playing time, I have a handy cap, so I have time because I am not working. In addition, sleeping time is about 3 hours of short sleeper every day.

Wtf dude, are you okay?

That sounds worse than me.

Since your play time is a little low there are some things you might miss unless you spend hours on the forums (coughs) or browse monster databases or well just play the game :stuck_out_tongue:

-Olexra’s Flash Freeze doesn’t affect bosses. OFF requires enemy to be frozen, but bosses have over 100% Freeze Resistance
-Blade Trap doesn’t work on bosses as it requires enemy to be trappable. But bosses have over 100% Trap Resistance
-The Resistance reduction of Band of the Eternal Haunt won’t stack. Since according the game it’s the same proc and therefore you only need one

This is what I’d recommend

That isn’t optimized either tbh

My builds are often not practical builds as posted by people at the official forum here. (In fact, this build does not clear ACT 6 of the main camp by me alone.)

However, in enjoying a hack and slash game, I think it is a lot of fun to be involved in the limit of building that direction.

Funny, I was thinking about this concept just yesterday.

I think you can push it to 6 summons with:

  • Magi’s prefix on dagger
  • Eternity Relic
  • Gear with bonuses to Star Pact or % chance of cooldown reduction

With Time Dilation, 7 summons.

Thank you for correcting the build.

If I have time, I will adjust the build and rewrite!

It’s about mathematics, but about Band of the Eternal Haunt.
“Probability of triggering at least one of the two probabilities of 10%.”
In other words, since I activate with the probability of “1- (90/100) ^ 2 = 19%”, I think that it makes sense to use two, what do you think?
Naturally, I knew that it did not stack.

In addition, it was told last time that OA is 2400 or 2200, it is low.
However, the build I actually use is “Build LV that I can farm in the main campaign”.
Probably, I think that the people of the official forum are very many who think crucible mode as the main.
Actually, if I have to post a build of LV which everyone thinks is practical for everyone, there will only be such a build that I always use.

This build is for me “Build that seek all efficiency when farming with the main campaign”.
However, obviously such useless controversies such as cheat are visible to such a build, so to be honest I do not want to post.:rolleyes:

Don’t let anything besides nerfs discourage you from posting :rolleyes: /s

Btw switching MIs even more to balance resistances and stuff the final setup should be able to use Clairvoyant’s Hat, Amatok’s proc Blizzard and will be able to use Mythical Silver Sentinel Shoulderpads (BiS)

I didn’t make much drastic changes cause you need very good MIs to be able to use those things. Also BIS weapon (i.e Best in slot weapon) is A well rolled Chillstrife or Loxmere Dagger

Thank you for your kind words.

Hope this means we’ll see more builds from you. I assume some rude comments on your 40k HP build demotivated you, like I said don’t let 'em get to you

In the course of posting some build examples, there may be someone that someone notices. So for the moment, using two of the same thing is aesthetic for me. I know that this is useless thing indeed. In reality, those who can correct builds for general purpose like Mr. Chthon are very helpful. Thank you very much.

However, using “Spectral Longsword” in this build emphasizes “- 0.2 Second Skill Recharge to Shadow Strike”. In addition, as far as I saw DBr in early AoM, I also noticed that Daggers did not have high level RarePrefixes, so I use “Spectral Longsword”.

2018/1/19 Build Update.