GrimSheet: Endgame Build Table - ETE edition [v1.41]

Added Spellbinder and updated Beastcaller.

as for the skelemancer - seems to me like the weaker version of the lost souls build
Chaos Birds looks just like Chaos Pets by Crit or is there any difference?

all them pests look the same to me so i’m not sure whether these two should be added.

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There are major differences both in gameplay and itemization.

About skeletons:

  1. Lost Souls is set build, second one got more fluid itemization. Everything looks different.
  2. Skeletons from set got high CD but they are less fragile. No-set build in exchange can spam skeletons if needed.
  3. Lost Souls utilize dogs as active skill - they can be spammed and bombed into group of enemies, it increase dps. No-set build rely only on skeletons, rest pets are little meatshields.
  4. No-set build got better survivality on player side due to inbuilt flat RR so other devotion choices can be used.
  5. Wielding huge two-handed scythe is cool and impossible with lost souls.

Some people still prefers no-set version.

Now differences between both chaos builds.

  1. Just look at GT both of them: (pure chaos beastcaller) and (chaos birds)
  2. Totally another itemization, one is beastcaller set, another is bysmiel jewelery.
  3. Birds are birds, not Briarthorns.
  4. Bird build has much lower single target but aoe carry it. It’s based on lightning strike burst and elemental devotions converted into chaos from offhand - all other pets are just supporting meatshields for proccing even more aoe from Leviathan and Fissure. Beastcaller is very high constant DPS but more single-target oriented.
  5. Birds do not have so high taunt but they are ranged. Gameplay in high SR is different, more kiting is required but it’s not really much dps lose because pets do not need to stay at boss face.

Apart of it even chaos birds are little bit stronger than elemental from my tests and with only 2 items difference both must be played differently and feel like totally another builds. Elemental is heavy dot based, must be played basically like bleed damage, hit and change target. Chaos do not require so much fast target switching.
Well, if these builds are not different than each other then shouldn’t we allow only one DW/2H meele per class? There are even less differences, same autoattack animation everywhere and gameplay :wink:

So there are the same, thanks for confirming!


Can you add Crate kill and SR 95 achievements to my Siegebreaker Paladin please :smiley: :smiley:

Class: Spellbreaker
Author: nofika4u (tweaked thejabrixone’s Infiltrator version)
Patch Version:
CR timing: 4:27
SR: -
Naked CR: -

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Updated to 1.41

  • Rescaled naked CR points, added new benchmark:
    <9.00 - 1 point <7.00 - 0.8 points
    <7.40 - 1.5 points <6.35 - 1.2 points
    <6.30 - 2 points <6.15 - 1.6 points
    <6.00 - 2 points

  • Added all the builds i’ve noticed/remembered since the last update, except for RA ones.
    @tqFan your turn.

[v1.41] 09th of April 2021:

Technical changes


build class author
Uroborruk’s DE Apostate banana_peel
SR set Pierce Cadence Blademaster Chinese players
Acid Pets Cabalist Duskdeep
Tanky Fire Forcewave Commando Chinese players
Radaggan Deceiver AlexGoldFish
Pierce Fantasy DW Dervish mad_lee
Aether PS Druid Eard
Cold Ranged FS Purifier banana_peel
Ranged Savagery Ritualist Eard
Diviner Ritualist okonomiso
Lightning Mortars Sorcerer supertolik
Diviner Pets/Player Hybrid Spellbinder AlkamosHater
Glass Aether CT Spellbinder banana_peel
Rimetongue Spellbreaker nofika4u
Physical PRM Templar banana_peel
Aether pets Vindicator thepowerofmediocrity
Chaos Acid Purge Warlock Nery
Bysmiel’s Bird Warlock okonomiso
Phys Acid Purge Warlord Chinese players


build class author prev. author
Fire Forcewave Commando supertolik afanasenkov26
Valduun Purifier banana_peel mad_lee
Darkblaze Pyromancer supertolik Nery
Markovian Warlord Dionysus Nery


build class author
Chaos Pets Conjurer Crittrain
Lightning Beastcaller Conjurer Duskdeep
Demonslayer’s BS Dervish mad_lee
RF Siegebreaker Paladin Crab_Turtle_2112
Cold DW Melee Reaper banana_peel
Wildblood Bleeder Trickster mad_lee
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Forgive the noob question, but what does “PSP” stands for in the archetype column ?

PSP = pseudopets (I think)


OK, so things like Totems, Mortar traps, Blade spirit ?

PSP - Player Scaled Pets

yes, but if a build also uses any other casts/attacks to deal noticeable amount of damage it’s considered to be a Hybrid

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Thank you !
Class: Spellbreaker
Author: nofika4u
Patch Version:
CR timing: 4:22
SR: -
Naked CR: -

Rather squishy as seen in the video, needs phys res rolls on both helm and legs kinda…
But I got to use Attak Seru!

that is something seen indeed rarely

what does !# stand for in the sheet?

been nerfed and not tested since.

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Is there something wrong with the Inquisitor ?

6 of its 8 class combo are in the bottom 10.

Is it because it doesn’t work well with a lot of classes, or maybe the community doesn’t like theorycrafting on it ?

First of all, Inquis is a class that got multiple nerfs over the course of years. Second of all, all these classes either don’t have enough diversity or they don’t have outstanding builds ( other classes do same things but better ). Or they don’t have synergy.
Some of the classes are mostly lightning based like Vindicator and Lightning dmg is not a strong as it used to be so there’s also that to take into account.
Finally, Inquisitor is mostly a supportive class so it’s pretty obvious that combinations with other supportive classes like Occultist and Oathkeeper would end up not performing as well as other classes with stronger damaging skills.

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Could you elaborate on that ?

Which classes would you consider support and which would be “main” classes if you will ?

Classes that have generic buffs or skills to support another class ( resistances, resistance reduction, OA/DA buffs), for example Occultist has Curse of Frailty and Blood of Dreeg that are both used in the vast majority of Occultist builds. Inquisitor has Seal and Word of Renewal. Oathkeeper has Ascension and Vire’s Might for mobility.

These classes don’t have strong skills that you focus only on them ( except EoR) so you are probably using another damaging skill from other classes to make up for it.

Paladin for example is a class that screams fire synergy, but aside from the fact that they have no set dedicated to them, their skills are not strong enough to compete with Demolitionist’s fire skills.
Or rather, Inquisitor can’t support Oathkeeper’s skills well, Occultist can.

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