GrimSheet: Endgame Build Table - ETE edition [v1.41]

Is there something wrong with the Inquisitor ?

6 of its 8 class combo are in the bottom 10.

Is it because it doesn’t work well with a lot of classes, or maybe the community doesn’t like theorycrafting on it ?

First of all, Inquis is a class that got multiple nerfs over the course of years. Second of all, all these classes either don’t have enough diversity or they don’t have outstanding builds ( other classes do same things but better ). Or they don’t have synergy.
Some of the classes are mostly lightning based like Vindicator and Lightning dmg is not a strong as it used to be so there’s also that to take into account.
Finally, Inquisitor is mostly a supportive class so it’s pretty obvious that combinations with other supportive classes like Occultist and Oathkeeper would end up not performing as well as other classes with stronger damaging skills.

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Could you elaborate on that ?

Which classes would you consider support and which would be “main” classes if you will ?

Classes that have generic buffs or skills to support another class ( resistances, resistance reduction, OA/DA buffs), for example Occultist has Curse of Frailty and Blood of Dreeg that are both used in the vast majority of Occultist builds. Inquisitor has Seal and Word of Renewal. Oathkeeper has Ascension and Vire’s Might for mobility.

These classes don’t have strong skills that you focus only on them ( except EoR) so you are probably using another damaging skill from other classes to make up for it.

Paladin for example is a class that screams fire synergy, but aside from the fact that they have no set dedicated to them, their skills are not strong enough to compete with Demolitionist’s fire skills.
Or rather, Inquisitor can’t support Oathkeeper’s skills well, Occultist can.

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I see. Thanks for the insight

What about the other classes we haven’t mentioned yet ? where do they stand ?
Soldier, Arcanist, Nightblade, Necromancer ?

Those can be main classes same as suppurt

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Here’s a short exercise I made with the ranking in Grimsheet
This doesn’t have much scientific value, but it’s still fun to think about for people like me who like to over-analyse everything.

“Total” is points granted for each mastery (for example, Dervish is rated 10, so it gives both Oathkeeper and Nightblade 10 points)
“Top 10” and “Bottom 10” are the number of masteries each class has that is ranked at those positions.

total top 10 bottom 10
Arcanist 42 4 3
Soldier 32 1 2
Demolitionist 33 2 2
Shaman 41 3 1
Occultist 37 2 2
Nightblade 49 3 0
Inquisitor 25 1 6
Necromancer 40 1 2
Oathkeeper 43 3 2

Some thoughts:

  • Arcanist is a very polarized class when it comes to synergy: it’s either fantastic, or horrible, no in-between. It has the most top masteries, and the second most bottom ones.
  • Most classes have at least 2 masteries in the bottom of the ranking where synergy is just not there apparently. Except for nightblade (lowest is Saboteur) and Shaman (vindicator) Seem they have apparent synergy with almost any class
  • Holy hell is Inquisitor helpless outside of Infiltrator…
  • Soldier’s only top 10 mastery would be much lower if it wasn’t for Retal Warlords (as the sheet specifically mentions it would be in the bottom half otherwise) Along with the second lowest score, makes it the obvious second-worst after Inquisitor.
  • Nightblade not only has the 2nd highest number of top masteries, and no bottom ones, but also has the highest score overall, with 6/8 masteries in the top half.

^ And, of course, this is totally dynamic and moved with every patch. I remember S&B soldier-based classes being meta. Now they’re meh. I think the GD meta has definitely moved from tanky melee to casters now we’re more-or-less at the end.

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Retaliation Sword and board made non retal sword and board after FG release obsolete. Retal builds have both immortality and more dmg while typical sword and board barely got any buffs ever since.


To make a long story short - yes

It actually has some value so thanks for presenting the data.

Well, yes. Classes as battle mage and spellbinder are pretty much the opposite sides of a spectrum.
With one being very diverse and powerfull and the other having pretty poor variety and being overall weak.

Yes, although fire paladin is not that bad thanks to the recent itemization tweaks in its favor, i should probably post two of my builds that should bump the class a lot. Purifier is also reasonable powerfull.
As for other combos:
Tactician - absolute garbage of a class, it has no face nor niche.
Apostate - weak, but people try to build around it, so not that bad variety-wise.
Deceiver - same as tactician but even worse.
Vindicator - has the worst variety in the entiety of the game.
Mage Hunter - probably decent, but lacks recent builds.


Which ones ?

I’d be happy to see those! I’m trying to optimise a Paladin too (Pierce/bleed with Goredrinker) and my limits as a theorycrafter are showing… More build examples would help, even if they’re not the same type at all.

Thank you :slight_smile:

In last 2 months like 50% of my builds are all Apostates. Not the best classy by any means, but really versatile class and with Bonemonger set you can go in different directions. Also vitality RoH or other vitality casters, different aether builds, some auto attackers.

Mage Hunter is great defensive class and offensively it’s suited for spamming casters. Like Purifier most of the top builds aren’t updated but lightning/cold/fire AAR are good, cold or lightning PRM (even fire). Also some FoI combinations and Arcanor 2H MH as well. Some proc based MH with Chain Lightning as filler. To some extent chaos or aether builds will be working too.


Not necessarily a good example, but this is what I built:

There is definitely things to do with Mage Hunter. I might not be at your level yet, but this is my best build so far.

Looks good! Would recommend green Inquisitor belt for global aether > elemental conversion for Attack Seru and maybe Ice and Fire rings if you want more sustain. Could go for Leviathan over Hyrian too

I definitely think Mage Hunter is much better than this GD sheet implies. Should be some strong AAR, PRM builds… Maybe TSS and Devastation builds.
Gonna post my rune build in a day or two after some final refinement and maybe grind out a sub 4:10 run if the stars align :sweat_smile: Want to try a burn Mage Hunter like Superfluffs Paladin too
And for other Inquisitor classes Infiltrator is top tier, personally I might rank it above Dervish.
Purifier is good too rest is pretty meh I guess


Elemental Horn of Gandarr MH is the king of them all :laughing:


Haha those Horn of Gandarr mods are actually pretty crazy! If only it was affected by Artifact Handling, zero CD Horn of Gandarr :smiley:

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I will try those right away!

Thank you guys for this thread.

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Class: Mage Hunter
Author: nofika4u
Patch Version:
CR timing: 4:18
SR: 85
Naked CR: -
Tons of 4:18-4:19 runs and one with 150-160 20 seconds faster than in the video so a faster run should be possible. But I give up…for now


Belgo Calla Setup mad_lee 00:00:00 0 00:00:00 0 75 0 FALSE FALSE FALSE TRUE 0,8 0,8 65,6 Melee Pierce

in [] the last dot is excessive, it interferes with filtering

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