[GrimTools] Build Calculator

This should be fixed. Hypothetically this can happen again in a day or two :confused:
The root cause is known and it will be fixed within the next couple weeks.

Edit: The server was running out of ram for the database. I’ve upgraded the server, so this issue should no longer be a problem.

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Works like a charm again! Thanks for all your work. Without Grimtools the game would be so hard to enjoy to the fullest extent.

Hi, “Unable to connect to the database” problem is here too. With one build only, the last one. Others are opening well. Here is the build - Witchblade, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator. Check it, please, thanks!

Should be fixed now.
There’s a random caching issue, which causes this. I’ll try to provide a fix soon-ish.

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Could you update also translations? :slight_smile:

Dammitt, I don’t know if there’s anything you can do, but it seems maybe Xbox players can’t view the calc properly.

This is the first report I’ve seen so could be a one off, but I thought I’d let you know anyway just in case.

I am getting a new error “Unable to parse save file” with only one of my characters. A Witch Hunter. I moved characters from the Steam Cloudsave location to the local Grim Dawn location and have no issues with my other characters loading to the online version of the build calculator.

Thanks for the report. I might find some time to look into this in couple weeks, however I’ve added this to my todo list, so I won’t forget.

Can you send me your save file please, so I can take a look?

Will do. Sent you a message with the file in a .ZIP

The issue is fixed, although it was a weird one. I wonder why it didn’t come up earlier.

Dammit, any chance for updating translations soon? I found some untranslated stuff in it, so Ive uploaded it to crate server but it still need to be updated in your tools. Thanks. GP. :vulcan_salute:

Unfortunately I don’t have all source code on the notebook I’m using now and the one that I will be using for the next month, so I can’t update translations during that time, sorry

Ok, cool, thanks for the replay!

When using the standalone / offline app, i find that it’s scaled too large and the Search button is off the screen, out of reach. Does a way exist to “zoom out” in the standalone app?

It’ should be possible to change zoom level:

@Dammitt I outsmarted your calculator:

  • raise mastery from 32 to 33

  • then you can Shift + Right Click to lower the mastery more than it should be possible


@Dammit another bug Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

I cannot remove Ultos nodes when not Ignoring Devotion Requirements even the free node.

I see on the top left but I can’t seem to see Also when I share a link, it seems like on the forum like this Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator but not in grimtools.

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Since I couldn’t find this using search, I’ll leave it here for anyone else that might be searching -

I was getting a NW.js error after manually updating the offline Grimtools. Nice easy fix, just go to users\ [name] \appdata\local and delete the gd-calc folder.

Awesome tool Dammit, thank you so much for your efforts.

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