[GrimTools] Build Calculator

Hi Dammit, when will you be able to update the offline version?

Thanks in advance and thanks for the hard work!!

I might look into this, but perhaps this will have to wait until I review all buff detection logic, currently all skills that are offensive by default, are skipped as buffs, because they aren’t supposed to be buffs by my logic, however some of them include extras like the one you mentioned.

I’ll post it on the weekend.

I don’t know if some one has reported this yet but damage character sheet doesn’t display proper values for retaliation when the damage is converted.

Let’s say you have 100% Physical to Lightning, in game your physical retaliation will become lightning retaliation and it is displayed properly but on GT it stays still physical ret while with standard damage with conversion it is displayed properly.

Thank you for doing what you do.

Yeah, someone already pointed that out. Retaliation conversion is not performed in GT at all. Hopefully I find time to fix this on the weekend.

All tools were updated to, calc included, but there’s something odd with it after udpate, so it’s temporarily disabled.

Edit: Calc is up.
Edit2: Offline version is updated.

Ok people, grimtools is down until further notice. My hosting suspended my account presumably due to heavy load. I’m gonna figure something out to fix this soon.

Did GrimTools go down?

It redirects to this page: https://www.grimtools.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi

Could you please upload the offline version of grimtools Build Calculator and probably others to cloud storage like Google Drive, Mega or moddb? This should help alot.
Thanks in advance

Tried to ping you in the Discord but now for some reason it’s like you don’t even exist there.

Just curious but I wonder if maybe you could work out something for hosting GrimTools with Crate somehow… not sure if it could even work like that but it’s just an idea a friend on Steam was suggesting since the tool is so damned integral with GD these days.

+1 for that!

Offline versions:

Item db: x32 | x64

Build calc: x32 |x64

I have no idea when the site will be back up. The hosting support is kinda slow and at this point I just wanna get access to the files and latest db backup so that I can move to another hosting. Then there will be some time spent for setup, so there’s a chance it won’t be up today. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: dropbox links were blocked, added google drive instead.

Crate’s hosting sucks sometimes too, giving 502 for 4-8 hours :smiley:
It’s ok, I’ve found another hosting already, I’m just waiting for access to site data.

THANK YOU for the offline version. Just wondering how to deal with the window oversize problem. The window toolbar just blocking the toolbar of the Offline calc toolbar and I just don’t know how to make it smaller

Hi,Dammitt. I write this from Japan.
So my english is broken… sorry:o.
Always I enjoy your GrimTools,so much much thanks for you:D.

Now I do Patreon for your GrimTools,but it’s so little bit.
Next month I will more pay for it,for GrimTools survive.

Keep going;).

Was it on basic hosting (not VPS)? They will totally shut it down when it reaches a certain load, been there before.

An offline version would be really nice!

Getting hit with error 429 - Too many requests on the dropbox links :frowning:

Dropbox links were changed to google drive, updated the post above.

There’s more than enough donations to cover server costs, so there’s no need to donate if you are tight on money. Thanks for your support

Yeah, it was on vps before but then moved to shared because bandwidth was growing and it’s not unlimited. Now I’m going to move to vps on another hosting with unlimited bandwidth.

Tks a lot :wink:

Thanks man, you’re a badass.