[GrimTools] Build Calculator

Anyone else having trouble accessing the grimtools site? I keep getting site unavailable message

Yes, it’s down atm. No idea when it will be back up.

Dammitt is also on vacation right now IIRC so it will take some time before he can do something I think.

That’s why i really would love to see, atleast at the Point when crate and community consider GD as “finished” and basically the last update is rolled out, that we get an updated offline-version of all this stuff.

the offline version is the first link on the page (not updated though), problem is the link is down atm -_-

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GT is down because my account was suspended. I’m on vacation for two more days, so I can’t do anything to resolve the issue, access to site data was revoked and I was only provided a backup. I will be switching hosting and moving data somewhere else, so there’s a high probability that the site won’t be available until the next weekend.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but the timing is pretty bad and my hands are tied in this case.

P.S. Inmotion hosting sucks, at the very least their plans and conditions are not as transparent as it looks.


Thanks for your reply but could you please provide googledoc (or other filesharing site) link to offline versions of Map, monster datebase, calculator?

No need to be sorry, enjoy the rest of your vacation! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast reply but we won´t die in the next days without GrimTools so take your time. And please add a donation link to PayPal if you can…I (now) know again why I should donate something!


No I can’t, I have offline tool backups on my PC only iirc. Anyway it’s kinda difficult to move stuff around from a mobile phone.

Did they give you a reason for the suspension? Too much traffic? That sounds pretty shitty all in all though, I hope you’ll have a better hosting solution at the ready.

Thanks for the transparency and all your hard work for the community!

Hi, sincerely no need for you to say sorry. We are the ones to feel sorry to interrupt your vacation



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Long time forum lurker, first time commenter.

@Dammitt, if you would like some help getting Grim Tools moved to a more proper hosting provider (e.g. AWS or Google Cloud) I would be willing to help. The shared “website hosting” providers tend to suck for anything other than extremely low traffic sites.

edit: I should probably also mention that I manage cloud infrastructure for a living, so I’m not just some no-knowledge scrub from the Internet. :slight_smile:


Dammit, you’re awesome. (I love typing that.) :smiley:

Enjoy your vacation!

He’s gotta a patreon account floating around.

If you don`t mind, I uploaded your offline GT calculator and map here: https://mega.nz/#!60cXDIhZ!GnsKTBFgSjz3XkJfpb5mIp3lkcQcgygJzfec1n4D5Ys


Which game version is it?

I downloaded the offline calculator, but can’t seem to load builds from links. Is there something we have to do, perhaps in relation to the offline item DB in order to set it up?

Edit: apparently that feature is dependent on the server being up, so it’s a no go for anyone else attempting this.

Thanks so much for sharing this while his site is down. Very much appreciated

I owe ye one pal!