[GrimTools] Build Calculator

Hi, sincerely no need for you to say sorry. We are the ones to feel sorry to interrupt your vacation



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Long time forum lurker, first time commenter.

@Dammitt, if you would like some help getting Grim Tools moved to a more proper hosting provider (e.g. AWS or Google Cloud) I would be willing to help. The shared “website hosting” providers tend to suck for anything other than extremely low traffic sites.

edit: I should probably also mention that I manage cloud infrastructure for a living, so I’m not just some no-knowledge scrub from the Internet. :slight_smile:


Dammit, you’re awesome. (I love typing that.) :smiley:

Enjoy your vacation!

He’s gotta a patreon account floating around.

If you don`t mind, I uploaded your offline GT calculator and map here: https://mega.nz/#!60cXDIhZ!GnsKTBFgSjz3XkJfpb5mIp3lkcQcgygJzfec1n4D5Ys


Which game version is it?

I downloaded the offline calculator, but can’t seem to load builds from links. Is there something we have to do, perhaps in relation to the offline item DB in order to set it up?

Edit: apparently that feature is dependent on the server being up, so it’s a no go for anyone else attempting this.

Thanks so much for sharing this while his site is down. Very much appreciated

I owe ye one pal!

Dude, no worries, there’s no sprint, no deadline, your app is great, cheers


This works

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Web archive still doesn’t allow for links to be used (and is for an older version than the offline), so doesn’t resolve the problem most folk have.

So am I right, that this game has no official possibility to share or view builds because a private app is offline?

Yes. The tool is made by a fan of the game, not Crate, as are all the tools/mods you’ll find here.


I hope crate can let dammit host grim tools here in the future


It might be helpful if people supported Dammit on his Patreon page.

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Not quite right! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can make screenshots from your Charcter and post it here … :grin:

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Sure and you can wash your clothes at the river and hunt some mammoths with a stick :smile:

Moments like this shows you that Grim Tools is the most valuable and irreplaceable third-party software. I can theorycraft and create builds with GD stash, but for sharing your builds and finding easy information, GT is required.

So thanks for that Dammitt!


That makes me wonder about the times before Internet was existing or better say popular source for such stuff, and how any sane people could play games with Skilltrees and stuff, without any calculator.

Not saying that GT isn’t one of the best Tools for GD out there. But tbh, for me it’s a bit of an overdrama-statement to act like your life depends on it. I played the past few days without GT and did still fine.

/Edit: Than again i stick with my argument, that we really need an offline version of this stuff(and yes i know, GT Calculator and Itemdatabase have already an (outdated) version.