[GrimTools] Build Calculator

I’ve made an adjustment, so that header/footer become hidden if page content height is less than 760px (that’s total height of header+content+footer), this means that the minimum height of page should be at least 669 (content) +8*2 (margin) = 685px to be able to accomodate all content. I hope this will fix the problem.

I’ve added an option “Ignore devotion requirements” to the settings menu (the one on the left panel).

You are welcome. But these values (avg, min/max, raw) have been available in grimtools item db for couple months now, seems a lot of people still prefer to use graceful dusk despite the fact that it hasn’t been updated for 3 months already.

The character screen is better but not “quite” there…

Mastery screen looks good

Thanks for looking into it… it’s nothing major as setting the zoom level to 90% makes it perfectly, completely viewable but it’s worth noting.

Alright, maybe stupid question…Going through it so far, loving it… How do I turn on my auras, though? Or are they being calculated already? Cuz when you’re getting some free res off of your auras, or hell, for people who run Blood Of Dreeg, that’s important to see in your sheet when you’re planning things out.

Oh, then I’ll make some more adjustment in the next update.

The question isn’t stupid at all. You can’t toggle auras, because this is not supported currently.
To be honest I’ve decided to exclude this feature (as well as some devotion view QoL) from initial release since they’ll just postpone it for couple more weeks. As you can see, there’s a hotbar at the bottom of character screen, it’s there for a reason: once this feature is implemented, you’ll be able to select a skill from the pool of your item/mastery skills and if it’s a toggleable buff/aura or a temporary one, you’ll be able to toggle it on/off and see how the stats are affected, just like in game.
This feature is on my short todo list.

Ah. Here I thought I was just missing a button somewhere. This is REALLY handy…I’ve managed to completely change my current build’s plan from Grimcalc, snuck out a good 200 or so more OA and have capped out all my resists…Minus Stun OFC. Has anyone ever capped that out, actually? Is that feasible? Even snuck in phys res. Thanks for making this, man.

BTW, if you can’t set them to toggle on…You COULD just set it up to show their stats all the time. If it helps. Sometimes doing things the “best” way doesn’t always work out, so other options can be handy.

That said OFC, you’d have to deal with Blood of Dreeg and Pneumatic Burst special, and note somewhere that you were treating them as always up.

And toggling proc things might be a good todo. Arcane Will, for example, that sort of thing. Devotions as well too. Not a HUGE deal, but handy, eventually.

Awesome, can’t wait :slight_smile:

I’m not sure it’s preference…more just habit, and possibly a lack of publicity for Grimtools :slight_smile:

Tbh, this is the first I’ve heard of Grimtools, but I will definitely be using it more in the future, so thanks for your efforts.

I kept using Dusk mostly because I found it first, but also partly because it moves faster, DB always likes to take a bit to load. I had no idea Grimtools DB had the value ranges, or I’d probably have switched.

Absolutely amazing. You gotta be an ultra pro full stack web dev dude IRL.

The DPS figure in the I tab in-game is actually wrong. For every single character. It underestimates attacks per second by a significant amount. Nonetheless, here’s how to calculate it:

  1. Calculate the average damage per hit sans DoT from the II tab
  2. Calculate the average attacks per second using 100% attack speed = 1.571 attacks per second (NOT 1.97 attacks per second). Note that in-game, this may change in accordance with the animation type (e.g. Forcewave/Tremor will have a lower attacks per second at the same speed value). But of course accounting for this is not possible yet in your tool.
  3. Multiply #1 and #2
  4. Add back DoT to #3 to yield DPS

Of course realistically there will be many, many more complications from skills like Fire Strike and Cadence, etc. Not to mention beam-type skills like AAR that use 100% cast speed = 3.33 attacks per second. But at least the method above should be accurate for basic weapon attacks with no auras or procs activated.

AAR is weird all over. Energy costs are wacky, and AFAIK it maxes at 5 Ticks a second with 200% cast speed, but I keep hearing something about it not scaling linearly with cast speed or something…AAR is weird to calculate.

Generally I just shoot a laser at something and see if it dies. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s much faster, and its search functionality is far more useful.

Seems like they search exactly the same to me. + Skills, Conversion, damage types both flat and %…What else are you trying to search for? Cuz they both support all that and more.

All I see is is being able to put in a string to search, but no way to narrow or restrict that search. I can’t filter by item level or required level to equip, can’t by item type/rarity/affix. You can do some of this (actually most except the level stuff from what I can tell) after the search by collapsing the ones you don’t want, but that’s less intuitive to me. For instance, earlier I was trying to search for items and affixes with cooldown reduction that had a level required to equip no higher than 40, which was trivial to do on Graceful Dusk but doesn’t seem possible at all on GDIB. For even more advanced search capabilities Graceful Dusk allows searching for multiple different strings with any combination of AND/OR/NOT.

Past that it’s still significantly slower than Graceful Dusk.

What’s slower? Everything is loading lickety split from what I’ve seen.

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Grim Dawn Item Database (online version) compared to Graceful Dusk. I have to wait seven seconds on GDIB for a simple search of “cooldown reduction” and get to stare at “building database” during it, which seems to be every single time I go to the site (why is this being built on the fly in an online tool? That seems like a bad idea) when a similar search on Graceful Dusk finishes in less than a second.

But this is getting significantly off-topic at this point.

TBH…I can’t imagine it’s a huge deal for level reqs, unless you are, for some reason, trying to make a low level build. Usually people plan things for 85, or at least 75 when you can equip most legendaries. As for And/Or/Not…Or might be handy, I could see THAT…But Not? One And isn’t going to return so many results that you can’t filter down and just read em. Not would be a bit over the top.

As for Affix…It seems that DB actually has a better interface for the pre/su system.

Generally the only time I think what you’re asking for is NEEDED is if you’ll be editing in your items. Even GD Sidekick can use DB and Dusk interchangeably, so unless you’re forging rares, what would you need any of this for? Might be nice if he adds it eventually, but…

That’s a fair point actually.

The reason for that is the way it originally worked in offline tool - the descriptions for all items/affixes/etc, which are used as a source for search, are built on the fly for the currently selected language, but it’s performed only when the search (with enabled “search in descriptions” checkbox) is accessed for the first time, all further requests will be instantaneous.

On graceful dusk texts for all items are generated only once when the database is updated to new version, they are stored on the server and every time a client performs a search, a request is sent to the server.

Grimtools, on the other hand, is a “fat client”, meaning that all calculations are performed on client machine, so apart from initial request for the server data, there are 0 requests to the server and after you opened the database/calc, you can just disconnect from the network and everything will still be working fine, and each subsequent search request will be completed in milliseconds, compared to at least a second for each request on gracefull dusk. But this also means, that you are supposed to view it as a single page app, not opening several tabs in your browser.

It’s not an excuse for the search to be so “slow”, but rather an observation. From my perspective search in item database was always “not in the right place”, and I think it’s the only feature in the database that can be considered slow. It was actually the easiest way to implement it, without any hastle of defining all text=>key relations and building advanced search logic. I really hope that some day I just rewrite the search engine and won’t use item descriptions at all, this will remove any delays while at the same time allowing for more elaborate queries.

So for now if you search a lot and in need of advanced search, you should stick with graceful dusk.

That’s what I plan, I just wanted to relay some of the reasons why it’s still used and thus what you can hopefully take away for improvement. The database rebuild being an artifact from when it was an offline tool makes sense, that was my guess. Regardless of the Item Database search, the build tool itself you’ve made is great, and to my knowledge there is nothing else that comes close to it.

I noticed that. I did a search for Cadence. Waited several seconds. Searched Mogdrogen next and boom, done.

Fine by me and imo nullifies any complaints. If a first time miniscule search wait, followed by subsequent instantaneous searches is enough to throw someone off, whatevs I guess.

Of course if you can speed it up… All the better I suppose. It’s still farm fresh anyway and it will be cool to see how it improves 6 months to a year from now.

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This is awesome. You nailed it Dammit, dammit! :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I enjoy doing is theorycrafting builds and right now I have 5-6 builds waiting for them to level it… this calculator is so handy for us theorycrafters!

All Hail Dammit!