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am I trippin’ or it shows 0 - 17?


I think it somehow skipped a number there.

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Will there be a version for patch 1.2 in time?

Grim Tools is now updated to patch!

Item changes can be checked here.

This update also includes the following:

  • [Build Calculator] Skill tooltips now show skill level bonus points from equipment the same way it’s done in patch (You can still use [Ctrl+Shift] to toggle bonuses manually)
  • [Build Calculator] Pet Stun, Trap, Petrify, Freeze, Sleep, Slow resistances are now shown in character sheet (second tab > Pet Bonuses)
  • [Build Calculator] Reflect Resist is now shown in character sheet (third tab > Defense)
  • [Monster Database] Newly added Sunder skills are highlighted
  • [World Map] Fixed and rechecked couple issues with broken pathing (missing paths to hidden spoils in Temple of the Three and Sunward Spire), also removed extra pathing from the north of Port Valbury

But that’s not all!

Some people might prefer to play on branch (it’s now available in Steam as a separate branch).

Good news – there’s now Grim Tools for as well! Switching to it is easy – just choose “Base Game (” in version selector.

P.S. Desktop versions for calc/db/etc will be provided a bit later.


Thanks for keeping the branch!! :+1: :+1:

Thanks for the update, it appears that Outcast’s Secret at Lv94 is missing from the item list.

Anybody missing artwork for rings and amulet?

I can still hover them to bring up info.

edit and components

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This issue is fixed.

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I’m looking into it.

Edit: Seems to be bugged in the game itself.

Here’s level table in the base game (last tdyn here contains Outcast’s Secret):


And that how it looks for gdx1 (AoM and consequently FG):

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Hi, thanks for the Update! I’m getting a “could not parse” message upon adding the quest file for the checklist Tool.

Yep, apparently quest file format changed a bit in 1.2.
I provided a fix, it should be working now.

I’ve found the Oleron suffix now also applies to medal slot, yet I didn’t find such change in both the v1.2 changelog and looking at GDStash it’s invalid combination for medal. What’s happening there?

Hm, I might be wrong here of course, but I just reversed one of the paths in loot tables to that affix, and it appears that it can actually roll on some medals:

Affix record:


It’s present in the following suffix table table:


Which in its turn is present in the following dynamic table:


I double checked the weights of this affix/tables and it’s not excluded by any extra conditions, so it looks like it’s a possible drop currently (probably a bug).

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GT updated to

[Build Calculator / Item Database] There’s now a new setting that allows you to show only highest level items / affixes from the same group (same name).


How do I translate these?

Grimtools 01

I updated in tags_gt_itemdb.txt here.
Just send me all tags_gt_* files or only this one and I’ll include it in the next update.

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Thanks for the answer. I will upload the translated file here later.

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the continued work you do for the community with Grimtools and also keeping it up to date!
Simply astounding!

Thank you! @Dammitt
:partying_face: :tada:


I reviewed untranslated strings and updated some more files. If you can update them as well please.

In tags_gt_skills.txt:

Skill_tagBuff_DispelMagic=Nullify target buffs

In tags_gt_calc.txt:

# Menu item titles should be kept as short as possible (they can take maximum 2 lines and will be truncated otherwise)

In tags_gt_itemdb.txt:

ItemDB_tagMenuItemShowHighestLevelItems=Show only highest level item in group
ItemDB_tagMenuItemShowHighestLevelAffixes=Show only highest level affix in group

In tags_gt_monsterdb.txt:

MonsterDB_tagMenuNumberOfPlayers=Number of players


With the new highest level affixes option there seem to be some magic affixes not included.
These would be all the flat dmg ones on weapons & oa/da ones on certain weapons like sceptres & offhands.



Thanks for the additional info.
All files have been reviewed and updated. Please use these from now on.
gdcalc_ja.zip (12.8 KB)

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