[GrimTools] Build Calculator

I’ll try to find some time to look into this in the next couple of days. There was a bug not long ago related to that and I thought I fixed it, but perhaps it reappeared.

Can you please send me via PM the character file that you can’t import in the offline version? I tried myself and don’t see any issues. What calc version are you using? Is it the latest one, 1.21?

I just curious when GT will be fixed for new characters that are made/ played in 1.2
It is little … annoying do not even able to load character in GrimTools due to this error

I have no idea when it will be fixed, because this is the first time I’m hearing about the issue. I’ll try to find some time and look into it this week.
'It is a little… annoying" to be told about it in a way as if this issue was brought up to my attention many times before and I ignored / refused to fix it :smile:


Seems like the format of player.gdc changes when touched by 1.2 Public Test game.
GDStash and GDDefiler also have problem reading them.

Also there’s a possibility some players will stay in because they don’t like the changes it brings and Crate is going to leave branch on Steam for them permanently.

GT now properly parses character data, but new items/changes won’t be visible in GT builds, because it targets game data.


@Dammitt I’d like to report that daggers and scepters accept suffixes as their prefixes for some reason.
This has been the case for quite some time not since your 1.2 update.


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I added labels to these buttons.

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That’s pretty odd. I’ll look into this.

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appreciate your continued work on GT Dammitt, even these tiny things :pray:

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I have farmed 20 helmets. According to Item Database, it has 6-10% DA roll. But I have this:
6% - 0
7% - 8
8% - 3
9% - 9
10% - 0
Was I “blessed” by random or DA roll is 7-9% instead and database is misleading? :thinking:

This is an usual thing. Database is not 100% precise for many items and stats.

That is unfortunate :confused:. I really wanted 10% DA helmet. No problem with Flesh helmet, it seems. Souls one is rare in my collection, did not bother to farm. Does it also have different rolls in ADCtH compare to Grimtools?

Probably not, 2 - 4 seems like a legit range.

Is it only my connection or is the build calculator loading builds (from a URL) extremely slowly at times? Like 5+ minutes to load the whole build and even failing to load some objects completely.

That is already a problem with your connection, that has never happened to me.

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I updated the formula used for min-max ranges in item db and build calculator, so the ranges should be the same as the ones you see in game.
Thanks goes to @tqFan.


Thanks for the info. It might be the current cloudflare DNS issues. I might need to change DNS servers again, if that persists.

Thanks a lot, @Dammitt and @tqFan, online calc works nice :slightly_smiling_face:. Will there be an update for offline version?

Main thanks to @MysteryMeat (a Grim League dev) and :zantai:.