[GrimTools] Build Calculator

Thanks for updating the offline versions. They are a bit laggy under Linux but usable.

Hi Dammitt,
I have created a Japanese localization file with the D3 mod translation texts added. It would be great if you could use this for the Build Calculator.
1197_japanese_ja_D3_01.zip (1.6 MB)

dammitt, just out of curiosity, what decides the affinity reward ui?
because in many cases it’s reversed of what’s in game, ex fiend being 3 green on top and 2 red on bottom , in game it’s 2red on top and 3green below
and then there are 3blue/2gold devos in GT with 3 blue on top 2 gold below, and others with 2gold on top and 3blue below
@ _ @
got mighty puzzled noticing it

It’s just the way it’s coded, doesn’t matter much. I mean in game data for the Fiend constellation it’s:

‘affinityGivenName1’: ‘Eldritch’,
‘affinityGivenName2’: ‘Chaos’,
‘affinityGiven1’: 3,
‘affinityGiven2’: 2,

In GT I’m showing it in the same order as it’s defined for each constellation.
In game perhaps it’s based on global affinity order – [ascendant, chaos, eldritch, order, primordial].

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I optimized calculator loading time btw.


Scepters broke


I noticed something weird with the devotion window and Opera (doesn’t happen with Firefox, didn’t test other browsers).

I got the build calculator on my 1st monitor and a youtube video playing on the 2nd monitor. When I switch to the devotions in the build calculator, the youtube video stops and shows the buffering symbol. When I close the devotion window or switch to another browser tab, the video resumes immediately.
It happens everytime, no matter if it’s a normal video or a live stream but it does not happen if the video is playing in the background, ie. not on the active browser tab.
I never noticed this issue anywhere else, just with the grimtools devotion window. It’s as if a huge amount of traffic is suddenly generated that prevents youtube videos from buffering properly. Or it’s a bug in Opera that only happens under certain circumstances which are met when displaying the devotions.

Anyway, just letting you know, it’s not that big of an issue for me but it’s certainly weird.

Hm, there’s no “huge amount of traffic is suddenly generated that prevents youtube videos from buffering properly”. Perhaps Opera just instructs all other pages that use webgl to pause, because in the active tab there’s webgl rendering going on. I mean there are zero requests to the server when devotion view opens, maybe only one to get images (but it should happen sooner, and if it was already loaded some time in the past, then it’s taken from browser cache).
Not many websites use webgl, so maybe that’s why you never encountered this issue, just a wild guees though, I have no actual proof that it’s the reason.

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