[GrimTools] Interactive World Map

This is great, thanks for all the hard work


  • Added Korean and Polish translations.

On a side note offline/desktop version is ready, but I don’t want to release it in its current state because it weighs a lot (250 mb) as each translation has its own map images for area names and level limit layers :confused: Perhaps I should bundle only one translation and provide executable for each supported language, I’ll figure something out.

This is such a fantastic resource. You’re killing it over here, Dammitt.

One thing though:

Any plans of providing links from the map to the monster database, or the reverse? Perhaps a list on the right of an area map that has links to various enemies that take you straight to the database? I was wondering because it would be helpful to organize enemies by area locations. Was thinking maybe because the locations are already present in the monster database there would be a way to link them together for quick access and organization purposes.

Either way, keep up the excellent work. This really is an amazing tool.

This is already implemented. In the map you can click on any monster and a popup will show up, if you click on monster name there, you’ll be redirected to monster db page for that monster. Same goes for item links in shrine popups.
As for the monster db, if you open tab “Spawn locations” there, you’ll find a link to the map in the top of that tab content.

I apologize, but I still don’t see it. Is it only for Notable Enemies? Sorry if there’s something I’m missing.

Ah, you meant all enemies. That’s not gonna happen, as I’ve stated earlier, because:

random hero tier enemies will never be added since there are ~40k spawns for them, same goes for random champion tier mobs (~60k).

This can happen because most of them can be spawned pretty randomly via proxies and they can have literally hundreds of spawn points. If I add all of them, this will mean several mb data file loaded when you open the map, which will slow down page load plus if you enable markers for couple thousand locations, your browser tab will crash for obvious reasons. If you check any monster in monster db, you can see their locations there, but just the area names and the number of position they can spawn at. I don’t really see any reason to show these monsters on the map. Although as I’ve told some time ago, certain monsters that either have MIs (not all of them, but maybe some) and those that related to quests, will be added to the map eventually.

Ahh, okay. Yeah, I didn’t realize the scope of it all, but that makes sense. Either way, thanks for the reply. It really is a solid program. Mad helpful. Keep up the great work. :smiley:

Small update:

  • All translations were updated.
  • Added Chinese translation. Similarly to Japanese, prerendered texts on “Area names” layer are the same in both Chinese translations (with and without english nouns, I believe).

Thank you Mr. D

Chinese community is so thrilled!

Also, I wonder have you considered to pack all four sites- database, monster, simulation, and world map into one offline executable package?

Small update:

  • All translations were updated
  • Valuable chests now include chests that contain unique rare items like Francis’ Gun and quest items like Daila’s Diary.

Thank you for your great work. I am very interested in an offline/desktop version :smiley:

Just a small thing I noticed, at first I thought this NPC was missing from the second floor of the Undercity map…


But looking closer it appears he is just covered up by a Treasure Trove, might want to make that spot more clear for future users.

I’m aware of such issues and I’m still trying to figure out a way to tackle this UX problem. Of course I won’t manually change any positions, because the data is grabbed directly from game files and it might suddenly change.

Yeah, that makes sense. It’s a pretty rare occurrence so far that I have seen.

The only other things I have noticed missing so far on my playthrough are the items for Dahlia’s secret quest.

Thanks for all the work you put into this, it’s been a very helpful resource!

  • Updated to patch
  • There were couple issues with area/object static id mapping, but they were resolved, hopefully there will be no broken links.

What’s the ETA on the map getting updated for Forgotten Gods? Missing it vis secret areas :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s updated internally, actually it’s been updated for several months :stuck_out_tongue: But it’ll be made public only in couple weeks, after most of secret stuff is found and FG content is explored. That’s the way I want it.

The same goes for the checklist.

Secret stuff!!! whawhawhaat! jk…Love the map mr.dammitt

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