[GrimTools] Item Database

W7 x64, build works great.

Thank you for making and updating it! :slight_smile:

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A great tool! so much stuff to look trough and get exited about :slight_smile:

The database can’t search for The peerless eye of Beronath for some reason. Plz fix it

I have no trouble for looking it up, and i tried with 2 words “peerless” and “beronath”

My bad. I forgot to reset iLvl range to default

Thanks for this excellent addition to the game.

Maybe it’s a new addition with b30, I found this one :

Updated to B30 Hotfix 1. Some legendary items are still broken (like Panetti’s Replicating Wand), but I didn’t launch the game yet, so I’m not sure if there’s something I’m missing. I’ll provide a fix later if needed.

What is broken about it?

And what are these others?

Well, seems like they all might be ok after all. I noticed that there’s a new field in skill controller that I don’t handle yet, that’s why Panetti’s replicating missile skill is showing wrong controller text. Plus I don’t handle refreshTime on skills.
Well, as I said, there were some things that I’ve missed.

However there are these 3 items:

  • Reaver’s Claw
  • Harbinger of Eternal Suffering
  • Night’s Embrace
    that don’t have any energy cost / active life/energy cost / life monitor / chance to trigger attached to them, and no controller at the same time. Maybe these are also ok, but from description it’s not obvious what triggers them, at least to me.

I’ll provide fix for both db and editor soon.

P.S. pushed minor update fixing the issues described above.

Thank you Dammitt !
Do you think it’s possible to show wich items are Monster Infrequents (and what monsters drop them).
For example all Alkamos item are MI but there is no way to know it (they are considerer epic items).

Also would it be possible to add :

  • a tab to search for prefix/suffix currently the only way is either to know the name of the affix or to go to the “home” page and click on the new affixes added between B27-B30.

  • add a tooltip or other way to know the database .dbr name of the item for modders.

Great work !

This is bit tricky, because there’s no flag on items indicating that it’s a MI, but with extra moster loot table parsing it can be done. I’ll try to implement it in the next build, but no promises.

That’s exactly what I always wanted to do - make 3 tabs for each item category: items themselves, all affixes and all item blueprints. It shouldn’t be that difficult, I just need to find some time.

That can be easily added.

The tool doesn´t start when I click the .exe, I get only the loading mouse icon… I use the x64 Version, because I have Win7 x64 installed.

What am I doing wrong?

Hello Dammitt,

Thanks for this very nice tool! :slight_smile:

Are there any plan for localisation, using one community translation?

For me it works without problems!?
[Bei mir funktioniert es ohne Probleme!?]

Updated to B31. Didn’t really test anything, nothing is broken at a first glance. If there are any issues, I’ll update tomorrow.

Can anyone who has an issue with running the tool try this build and tell if it’s working?
It is built against nwjs-0.13.0-beta6, which has updated versions of webkit/node, I’m not sure whether it’ll solve the problem, but it’s worth a try.

great work!

Eager to see these new Nemesis spaulders!

Updated to, sorry for the delay.