Grimtools...what happened

guess i just do hella dungeons until the sites back up. i cant continue any new characters because i need the build data.

Well, here’s some reading material for you while you wait.


I hope it will come back at some point, as now stuff will get a lot harder, unless there is another version people can use.

Probably it would be nice implement GrimTools offline version like ‘Path of Building’.
Make build. Generate build-code. Upload it to pastebin and share with others )
Community can get code from pastebin and paste it into offline version.
And yes, list of builds generated by this tool can be saved locally and play withthem.

Can help to implement it with C# or Java.
Dammit did a lot of work and has experience in data scrapping from the game, so if he can share some design, code or data, it will be awesome!

Who knows how to contact Dammit? :slight_smile:

There’s already an offline version - see post 2.

It’s not quite up to date though, being

He has a thread (more than one actually).

You can either leave a message in the thread or PM.

The offline version is a great temporary solution; overall the changes of the latest patch were minor.

It’s stupid/ and funny in a way that the game is kind of unplayable for most newbies if a 3rd party site is offline.
Seriously, how hard it is to make a Crate-own tool similar to that?

Why reinvent the wheel? The tools are already there and they are perfect. Crate just should hire Dammit at last and give him hosting for his tools :smiley:

In the light of some latest patches trying to “grim internal” up the game, no, Crate won’t admit that a 3rd party tool is superior to their own version. They will dumb it down, but at least, we still have something as backup in this kind of situation, yes?

A fascinating strategy to convince us to make an official version.


it is stupid in the sense that there is no reason for this, certainly not for newbies. At most this should be true for people who want to squeeze the last bit of efficiency out of an already great build…

As to ‘most newbies’, I doubt more than 10% of players even use the site. This feels like typical exaggeration by extrapolating from a bubble without realizing that it is one.

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Y’know, in my entirely experience in Social Networks like Forum and Stuff in the past ~13 Years i had hardly read such bratty, ungrateful and disrepectfull comment like this, and considered that i know Communities like Final Fantasy, Fallout and such, this means a lot.

Again it show how overexaggerate and blown out of proportion this whole topic is like your whole GD existence is bound to an external third party tool. Again not saying it isn´t helpfull, but for me it sounds like, if you and some other people need Grim Tools to enjoy Grim Dawn, you truly have bigger Problems than your concern of how “well” Crate would implement something like that. (Besides i’ve to disagree, because the GI features are perfectly implemented, in crates way… where such stuff don’t feel like an bloated foreign body of an third party tool… it’s made in a way which mostly only devs of their game can provide to implement a community feature in a native and fitting way. Than again i understand if you need the other stuff of GI or more customization, but please stop this supreriour-bullshit complex of yours).

Yes, i agree with Mamba, while sure GT might be for a part of the community be vital, majority, even more “newbies” don’t care that much about it. It’s more Theorycrafters and such, which are kinda the minority here, use that Tool extensively.

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not sure if anyone else is having issues getting onto grim tools but every time that i try i get the following screen GRIMTOOLS%20

Moved your post since this is not a bug with the game.

That was last week so hopefully Dammit will manage to move everything and get the site back up some time over the weekend.

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blah blah blah, say that to the Classes, Skills and Builds section of the forum, where most theorycraft need it.
“The small” number of people who use the site is actually the one who will stick with the game, not the type of 10 hours and quit player. If you can understand that, you will understand the important of such tool. But again, in all of my years gaming, apologist like you is not something new to me either.
And I will just laugh at such people because they against good stuff and for them whatever the heck the dev do is “perfect”.

Let’s see the tool you’ve created, since you think these things are so easy to do. I’m sure it’ll be crap.
Armchair developers are so lame. :rofl:

ugh now the link is giving me a forbidden message lol.

Hopefully a good sign that Dammit’s in the process of moving to new hosting.

First of all, it was your Argument of “newbies” not mine. Try not to reflect this argumentation issue to me, when you were the one who brought it up to begin with.
Secondly while i agree with you, that for theorycrafters(like i did already in my first post) tools like Grim Tools are Vital, i’d still argue that the majority of people who stick to Grim Dawn still don’t care about Grim Tools as much as you’d like too. I’d argue most people prefer to actually play the Game and try stuff ingame instead of juggling around with numbers outside the Game. Not saying that this people doesn’t use it from time to time, but as vital and important as you make it sound. I’m sorry but nope.

Than again neither of us have a solid proof with numbers either way. Still doesn’t change the fact, that you are lacking in terms of attitude.

Also what does that mean “against good stuff”? I used Grim Internals for like 3 up to 6 month, you can also check out my history how grateful i was to GlockenGerda. It’s not like i’m against external stuff “per se” and praise everything what the Devs (and other company devs) do out of principle or solidarity. But after using so many month GI and than can easily play GD since without GI should tell you something. As for today there wasn’t simply an external tool or mod, which fitted better to the Maingame than stuff which is natively added by the Devs, which should logical to you if you look at the whole issue more factual, because it’s based on the vision of the devs, instead of something made by an third party fan?

If you look at Stories (like Movies, Books etc) how many Fanfiction can compare to their original stuff? Only a Few, and that’s how i felt towards GI. GG did an amazing job, and without her we wouldn’t have the stuff for, but after trying for me the native stuff was better than the third party stuff, because it’s less alien to me. Grim Tools might be an different topic, sure… but to give a final verdict we would need to see an Version of Crate at first anyway.

Than again, i’m actually done with you. I don’t see any reason to waste my time on your kind, which are so disrespectful and stuff.