Groble Genocide

So, I’d like to address an underlying problem within the world of Cairn.
I noticed that despite being made out to be the hero of the story, you as the protagonist are really more of a genocidal maniac.

To make myself clear, let me break down all of the evidence.
First off, although violence seems to be the only way for humanity to survive, you go around murdering any form of life passing your way, completely throwing of any natural balance left in the world of Cairn. Yes, you are being attacked on sight, but invading the natural habitat of wild animals would render most of them aggressive. Even if humanity managed to come out of this a-ok (which, let’s be real, not gonna happen at this point), there would be no way of sustaining the species with the lack of food already and the huge disruption in the ecosystem you caused.

Secondly, we can not expect “friendly factions” to be friendly due to our service to the world, but rather due to the generally absurd power level of the main character. It seems more logically sound to assume that the fear of you potentially going rogue leads these factions to tolerate your destructive behavior, than to think that they are truly supporting an unorganized demi-god that just happens to fight for their cause at the moment. Thinking one step further, it might even be likely that these factions conciously send you on the most dangerous missions for the chance of getting rid of you, while you fulfill your gore-riddled power fantasy.

But lastly and most importantly, you are not just killing mindless beasts (mind you, the very foundation of Cairns fragile ecosystem) and hostile entities, but growing societies on vastly different cultural levels. It is easy to assume that Cairn would have had a single dominating species before the Grim Dawn (that being Humans), but seeing as any organized creatures not stemming from aetherial corruption or the void are also inhabiting the world as we know it, it would be foolish to think that only humanity is allowed to flourish again.
By this I am referring to the likes of Slith, Trolls and of course Grobles.

Starting with the Slith, we can observe “a primitive tribal hierarchy” as well as some basic religious believes as evidenced by their own totems and “shamanistic behavior” (“Origin of the Slith - Page 3”). In addition they seem to be adept in weaponry and craftsmanship, as they build and use their own tools, cages and spears. Now, the Slith are monsters of human creation, leaving some merrit of human superiority and agency over them although they clearly posses emotion and the capability of suffering -“Its eyes stared back at you with a hint of human sorrow” (Origin of the Slith- Page 2).

Going on to the Trolls, we do not have documented proof of their inner beings, we can clearly differentiate multiple occupations. This is most prominent in their capability to breed animals and build farms. Their only somewhat domesticated farm animal seems to be the Stonetusk Boar, which they herd and defend with automated weapons. It is unclear whether they build these rifles themselves, but they posess knownledge of their function and use and even go as far as to split into different lines of work around the farm.

Finally, we come to the most worrying problem, this being the despicable genocide on Groble society at large. This species lovingly titled as a “foul beastkin” by the magistrate of Burrwitch not only shows signs of a cultured society but exceeds that of humans in many areas by a long shot.
The Grobles have developed a complex religious system including deities with seemingly elemental properties as we can deduct from differing shamanistic outfits, spells and totemsand altars. Adding to that, they are capable of building larger villages or inhabiting former fortresses (Tyrant’s Hold).
The hierarchical structures we were able to observe in the Slith and Trolls are expanded upon in groble culture, not only accounting for religious leaders but different military ranks ranging from trackers to warriors and leading towards Dranghouls. I am including the Dranghoul here since Bloodfeast the Ruthless is described as a Groble tyrant, leading me to believe that this is the mature phase of one and the same species. Even if I am to err, this would mean that Grobles and Dranghouls live in a positive symbiosis or rather a multi-species society, something Humanity clearly hasn’t mastered yet (But maybe there is still hope).
This, in consequence, would mean little Grobles are not just of smaller height, but rather Groble children. Considering that they are often found in small groups with one or two larger Groble Shamans, this might be an indicator for an educational system such as a Groble Daycare. This is supported by the fact that their movement consists very much of waddling around as human toddlers would. This would also mean that their wooden weaponry is not meant for combat but as a child’s toy. Assuming that we invade on what is essentially a Groble Daycare center or field trip, it is only natural to be met with defensive hostility.
It is also important to make a division between different Groble clans. As of known, there are five Groble clans with different physical features and skin tones. These clans do not live in seclusion and hostility and show no signs of racism. As evidence we need to look no further than to Tyrant’s Hold again, where the Ember and Stone clan live together under the same rule. Again, this does not apply to Humanity, as peaceful groups such as Death’s Vigil are being openly attacked by religious fanatics without any form are jurisdiction in place.
In fact none of the beastkin species mentioned above are showing signs of aggressive behavior towards their natural wildlife, leaving it mostly untouched or domesticate it in small groups.
So it seems that the Grobles as a peaceful society have superceeded Humanity in its spirit. Thus it is also easy to see why Groble genocide seems to be of no concern for human authorities as the human race doesn’t seem to be content to live in harmony among equals.

Thank you for listening to my concerns, maybe with your help we can work towards a more peaceful Groble-Human relationship!


so much like in any other (A)RPG :wink:

Just the username makes this sounds legit.

I like to use the self defense argument when it comes to this topic. Because if an oversized beast comes running at me with a murder intent, i’m not gonna stand still and not defend myself.

Also, where’s the undead rights movement? Poor bastards are just minding their business underground and here comes some asshole in heavy boots just stomping all over the place. Can these guys just get some sleep?

Groble Lives Matter!

I can see the logic of this post… but sometimes genocide can be only way for survival of humanity. Risking leaving anything behind can cause future unexpected troubles. “Survival of the fittest” is the law of universe thus anything is justified when it is done for survival. Then this question arise; Is there anything that triggers your survival instincts? Are they a threat? Answer these questions and embrace the hard but must decision friend.

A small Ember Clan child waddling at you with a rattle in his hands is a threat to you?
Is there any evidence of Groble aggression towards the wildlife, Slith or even other Grobles?
Humans murder each other en masse just for entertainment or petty rivalries. For power or for their “homeland”. Of course we can’t expect mere humans, lost in their insurmountable bigotry to understand a truly peaceful and inclusive societey like the Grobles, who do not care about race or heritage.

You call our culture heretic and our shamans a threat, while a cult of yours is literally harvesting the blood of every being to accelerate the apocalypse.

Your massacres at places like Tyrant’s Hold, a place far away from any human survivor groups, a place, inhabited by two peaceful Groble Clans are justified because you fear that in later times Grobles could pose a threat to humanity? Following that logic humans have to eradicate anything and everything with the potential to evolve, including themselves. And while your Cult of Ch’thon is actually trying to accomplish exactly that, most of you will have to aggree that this is not only not morally acceptable, but also impractical and frankly, stupid.

In times as dire as these, the only Option is dialogue, since both of our species will perish if you continue to use your vast magical resources for petty murdering sprees. We don’t want to die. We don’t want to kill. And we don’t want either of those things for you humans as well.

Sincerely, President Bloodfeast of the Ember and Stone Clans

I don’t know what is happening but i don’t like it.

Thank you, this is a valid point. But can we truly accept the survival of the fittest as the ethical solution for these desperate times? I think humanity as well as Groblehood should have ascended above our primal instincts. Often times compromise, while demanding sacrifices on both sides leads to a greater good and doesn’t conflict with pur presupposed moral advances. As you already put it, the question, whether Groblehood poses a threat to humanitys future stands between us. Don’t take my word for it, as I am clearly biased, the only way to answer this question is through dialogue! Which is why I started this thread.

The members of the beast faction are becoming louder. Time to genocide them all :rolleyes:

…yeah but they drop loot

Yes! That’s the spirit. Spread the Word! :smiley:

This is a very good thread.

I loled, gz guys or should I say Grobles? :slight_smile:

Sir, you are so perfect thus you convinced me to trust for a while… i will try to bypass any groble i find on my way to save humanity. If i see a growing evil inside of grobles, i will eliminate them on sight. For now, they are just savages and do not seem as big threat. This should be applied to not just grobles but all beasts. Why don’t you protect them also?

First of all I thank you for your trust.
Of course the same principle should apply to all derogatory called “beastkin”. Nontheless I only speak for the People i represent, specifically the Stone and Ember Clans of Tyrant’s Hold. While we can not guarantee that representatives of the Sliths and Trolls, as well as other Groble clans share our peaceful ways, I highly advise you to try to get in contact with local Slith authorities.

At last this is the world we share and while the genocides of the past are hard to forget Groblehood realizes that mankind needs to be a diplomatic partner and not a fierce enemy, if we wish to save our people from the horrors of the grim dawn. We need to build bridges between our cultures and societies to guarantee mutual survival and you sir, can join me and be one of the architects of Cairns future.

Sincerely, President Bloodfeast of the Ember and Stone Clans

Finally, the ultimate challenge that Grava has been training his entire life for.

I feel the grobles have to take the first step here and offer a quest. I love quests, anyone not handing out quests will be murdered for loot.

Genocidal demi-god.