Grucible : Grimarillion in a Crucible

This mod should enable toons (with proper symlinks) to exist in both Grimarillion and this.

It is a single, modified map from the Crucible DLC.

When you get bounced back to menu, that is because the other 3 maps are just brutally ripped from game. I could not figure out a graceful way to do this. (in any case, the other maps might be coming back in future).

When you first start off, with ZERO exp., talk to the dude and ask him what happens if you die. You will get some levels and iron to start fresh.

You have to backup your existing Crucible DLC as this mod needs to be in the “mods/survivalmode” slot or else it does not function. Even there, there are issues, as you will see.

In addition, the DRM is that this download is missing 1 file, it is up to you to find it in your vanilla survialmode and copy/paste that file into the Grucible version.!dZJFSRaR!x0OpbYn_6-ZKSa_wWN4_xA1d2rBrfaE9F8y8pi8PZnQ

yt vid on new toon “hack/cheat” that I would use to play from scratch.

To make a new toon for use in this and Grimarillion:

  1. After installing into “mods/survivalmode”, select Crucible and Create your toon
  2. Switch to windows and symlink this toon from main to user
  3. Start this toon in Grimarillion and open the prison but acquire ZERO XP
  4. Switch to Grucible and start the toon asking about death and looting corpse

Now your toon has access to the salt bag and the prison for the main game and is leveled to start the Grucible.

You’ve just made my day

New version, lighting has been redone with a tamer approach.!dZJFSRaR!x0OpbYn_6-ZKSa_wWN4_xA1d2rBrfaE9F8y8pi8PZnQ

This version has both Dead and a new Grove.!xRB1HT6D!AjBlij95rBFy-Lg1iWumlZQeMrccdQ0p8PVUdK2is2o

^ same

also, if this is a map, does this mean people can also use this to port the custom masteries to the crucible map?

Added these instructions to the OP

Good work getting this to work.
How does it interact with the extra spawns from Grimarillion?

Does this still work with the current grimmarillion?

Prolly not, only one way to find out though.

Ok, thx for answer