Guardian of Empyrion idle noise - PLEASE remove or reduce it!

there was a discussion on reddit about this, i thought it would be a good idea to post about it here.

the Guardian of Empyrion idle noise is extremely obnoxious. it happens too frequently as is, and is compounded by the fact that you can have two out at once so when you’re sitting in town or sorting loot or whatever you hear it every few seconds. that’s not to mention that the noise itself is very grating. i believe its the same barking noise that Reanimators use. thematically i don’t really see it as appropriate for the skill either, but i suppose that could be debated. either way, i’d like to request that the noise be removed or at the very least replaced/drastically lowered in frequency and volume.

generally speaking, i actually think pet idle noises are a bad idea all around. i remember in Torchlight 2 not being able to use some pets even if i thought they were really cool because they spammed an irritating idle noise over and over. hearing some random noise over and over again, especially an annoying one, doesnt really serve any purpose. i suppose its a little more immersive but i think its a bad trade off. i believe it would be worth it to take a pass at all pet idle sounds at some point - someone had mentioned the Raven flapping noise as well, but the Guardian of Empyrion is currently by far the worst offender in my opinion.

TL;DR - please nerf the Guardian of Empyrion idle noise… hard.

Please keep the idle sound!

I have never, even once heard the Familiar’s flapping sounds. Is there a setting to reduce such stuff or are you guys playing at max volume?

i really can’t imagine why you would want to hear that noise every few seconds non-stop, but different strokes i guess.

would it be too hard to implement a toggle for pet idle sounds? that would be the best solution now that i think about it but i have no idea how much work it would be.

Sound confused me a bit at first, I thought there were some undead mobs around, but it’s just the guardians. It’s the ghost sound I think. Barely notice it myself.

Yeah, I find the sound rather annoying too. For my part I would like to either have its frequency reduced by a whole lot or preferably just a option to mute it.

i’d settle for a drastic frequency reduction but i’d rather just not hear it at all to be honest.

Please increase volume and frequency. I’d like to hear the oathkeeper bandwagoneers suffer some more.

I thought you’d tone this down after we saw the stream where Grava demonstrated OK skills for the first time. The complaints were already in that stream chat. Just ask Medea.

When I was playing OK with 2 guardians out I did notice the idle noises but they were hardly loud or annoying. The volume and frequency was toned down to a very reasonable level imo.

Their idle sound occurs every 20-30s, was about double that on the aforementioned stream.

i just went and timed it because of this comment, and was honestly a little shocked that you are correct, it goes off once every 20-30s… because it feels like way more than that to me due to how jarring the sound is. i think occurance time should be doubled at least, preferably tripled or more if its going to stay.

Zantai, i’m sure you guys are busy right now, but how realistic would it be to add a mute option for pet idle sounds or a volume slider? i don’t want to have to sacrifice the rest of my sound because of one annoying noise, but honestly it’s so distracting when i’m stopping to read picked up lore notes and when i’m fiddling around with skills or loot in town that i’ve just started using my keyboard button to mute my speakers when im idling which i think is a bit ridiculous.

as a last resort i’d even be willing to just delete that sound file if that’s possible.

It’s possible that eventually your brain will get used to hearing it and you will notice it less. I do understand your pain though as I’ve been annoyed by noises in video games before haha! This particular one has not bothered me hitherto.

I have 330 hours in this game and, believe it or not, this is the issue that made me register on this forum, because the sound is question is really that irritating.

The weird grumbling whisper of guardians is loud, extremely distracting, and impossible to get used to. Like snoring right in your ear, if you’re using headphones… I know it’s a lot to ask, but could the devs please make something about it?

As was suggested, it would be nice to have an option to turn off pets/summons idle sounds all at once, or just at least make them silent in towns, since it’s so distracting from managing inventory, stash, skills, etc. Maybe even rerecord the sound less intrusive, like a low hum instead of a whisper with a distinctive high pitch? Whatever the simplest soultion is.

The idle sound indeed occurs way too often imo. It does not feel like 20-30s.


Summon Guardian of Empyrion: guardians are now less vocal about their ghostly situation

Thank you! So much better now.

BTW, the Revenant of Og’Napesh isn’t quite as bad, but I find it similarly annoying.