Guardian of Empyrion = Make it aggressive in behavior or allow players to choose !

Interesting skill but not that useful right now.

Please seriously consider making these “pets” aggressive in behavior or let the players choose how they want to control them.

Aggressive AI is always better, especially since the player always gets targeted if you have only Guardian of Empyrion as “pets” out.

Thank you in advance.

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They are aggressive by default.

Their leash is short however due to their immortal nature and the fact that they cause no aggro.

You can also command them with Pet Attack.

Zantai, consider this:

These “pets” are immortal as you say, so they never die and all agro goes to you anyway. Having a short leash makes them useful for melee only.

If you can use Pet Attack regardless of distance (almost), their short leash is useless and only frustrating the player - because one has to constantly use pet attack instead of using that button for other skills for example.

I believe a long leash such as other pets have in aggressive mode would be better.

And you could even make them long range aoe damage dealers, to fit the “guardian” role in the skill description. In that case you can have a shorter leash so they never leave your proximity. Similar to a crystal ball over your head that throws away multiple ice/fire/lightning etc. shards/bolts.

Would be more fun and functional.
What do you think could it work ?

I tested Guardian of Empyrion skill again.

Long range enemies such as mages and archers hit you while the guardians stay there because of their short leash.

Pet Attack does not work outside leash zone, it works to move them, but it does not work to attack outside.

Zantai, when you have time to experiment try to double the current leash or use the same leash as you do on normal pets.

Normal pets don’t break the game, with their longer leash - the enemies simply attack the pet / player.

Here, in the case of Guardian of Empyrion, monsters will simply attack the player.

I find a longer leash useful for non melee players and for those who want pets to “see” what the player sees and attack, not stay idle.

Do you feel any difference in these regards as compared to wind devils and blade spirits?

I think that those two have a bit more leash, these guardians really stand there doing nothing while a horde of archers kills you. I would guess that most people use them for their aura with resist reduction, this doesn’t get applied in those situations.

BS also tend to stick to their targets much better, and don’t need to stop to attack.

Let’s face it, who cares if the guardians stop to attack, the aura is all that matters and has adequate range.

I’ve seen 30-40k crits on my blastlord build coming from guardians

Just make Guardians main skill 1/1 if nothing else matters :stuck_out_tongue:

Great, but besides the point. If they just idle besides the player, their dps hardly matters. Such a waste of good skill points.

It really is, I’m constantly hammering away on my pet attack button.

Fun fact - you can use them to clear the ground of mines. Super helpful in SR.

You can double or triple the leash range without any worries as it won’t break any mechanics.

The skill is frustrating as it is now Zantai.

For a tank melee that gets a lot of hp drain with legendary items it is no problem, but for players who are tiny mages getting that close to monsters just to have pets engage them is suicidal.

Basically you can’t even run too far away from mobs because these pets will stop engaging, you must glue yourself to the monsters to keep them in focus.

Please consider a significantly larger leash range. (same as other pets or 2x 3x the current one)