Guardian of The Holy Cheese

As mentioned above, Guardian of The Holy Cheese has entered this sacred website for the most anticipated game since… TITAN QUEST!

I could go on about how I started playing TQ and how I found this, but I assume the few of you here who like books, want to read them in a physical copy and not on a forum.

Going to buy the Loyality pack once I buy a car that… Is actually legal to be on the road :eek: So next week or the week after that, and I can’t wait!

TL;DR None of the above matters, I’m a Norwegian, full time weekend drunk (which includes, but is not limitet to, testing new ways/places to sleep), working 7-3 in weekdays.

Also, The Holy Cheese is in my possession, and it will NEVER get out of my sight, or be near a cheese slicer. (Evil norwegian killer machine made with the sole perpuse of murdering perfectly good cheese)

Please don’t cut the Holy cheese! …welcome and enjoy your stay!

helo and welcome, and enjoy your stay

You can keep the Holy Cheese, I’ll just keep the Holy Hand Grenade handy if you get too aggressive with your cheesy posts.

Otherwise, Welcome to GD and the forums and good luck in finding a good car.

Hello and welcome to our great community =)