Guardians of Ember

I’m having fun for now. It’s decent. Especially for early access.

Picked it up - the EU server doesn’t seem so bad, but then, I’m just starting out. Elven Arcanist (Silverhand). Figure once they open up the US server I’ll move there so I’m on the same continent :slight_smile:

The US server opened yesterday, for anyone that is interested.

I’m actually really enjoying it. Clocked about 30 hours in GoE now, and having lots of fun. So far, all the dungeons, including the “red” ones were doable solo on hard mode. Which is a big factor for me, since I don’t like grouping that much. The hard dungeons are challenging solo, but that’s part of the fun. It’s not just “hold button x and everything dies” either, at least not for squishy classes. A lot of movement, timing and positioning is required to solo the harder dungeons. Though I’ve seen some melees that don’t seem to have to worry about that yet. It’s in Early Access though, so some balancing will certainly happen.

Respeccing, revives, storage space etc. CAN be bought for real money, but they can also be obtained through ingame currency (rewarded for daily quests). You earn plenty of that, even without actively trying, so I haven’t felt the need to spend any cash.

The ingame currency has already provided me with a permanent mount, a permanent pet (which picks up loot and gold for you), lots of storage space, revive potions, etc. Unless they make significant changes to this system, I don’t see this becoming much of a pay2win game (maybe if you die a lot and are really really impatient).

It IS a bit of a generic arpg. There’s not much innovation from what I’ve seen so far, but I don’t mind. I kinda wanted a generic arpg. That being said, they included some nice mechanics - public quests, card and treasure collections, being able to switch your secondary class whenever you want. It’s nice. If you don’t mind spending 18 $/Euros and like arpgs, I would definitely recommend it.