Guardians of Ember

Anyone gonna check out Guardians of Ember in September?

MMO = hell no.

Also the pics look very boring and generic to be blunt.

I’ve been watching that game like a HAWK.

I am very much interested in playing a priest on there.

The only thing is, it’s got no specific release date, no price, nothing, and you have to pretty much dig to find it on Steam

Definitely going to try it out when I have the chance.

Played Runes of Magic very long time ago, they are basically the grand daddy of dual speccing and have done it better than anyone else even to this very day.

I am actually excited to see what they bring to the table with this game.

I played RoM back in the day as well - one of the few games I enjoyed PvP in, even though my guy sucked…sucked horribly…

I’ve bookmarked this one, and will probably check it out when it goes live.

I see they are going the B2P route this should be interesting LOL.

Yeah, looks fun to me! Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal are a ways off still. Wolcen still needs a ton of work, and after so many hours with Grim Dawn, I need a new arpg. So looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

I’ve been asking a ton of questions here and the developers respond very quickly. :slight_smile:

Agree with this part.

But the game does intrigue me some-what. It does say it has single-player so i got my fingers crossed

I am very excited for Wolcen, but holy shit it’s VERY early access still. It sure looks good, though.

I’ll give Guardians of Ember a go. It looks fun. The classes look amazing. The combat does, too. I don’t mind it being online as long as I don’t get pestered for money.

Thanks for mentioning that game, it’s definitely on my radar. Shape Shifting + Building your own house in an Isometric game= Pure Awesomeness

the game looks great but a little generic in the same time. classes in particular looks like the traditional fantasy ones (in the other hand, h’n’s in a high fantasy worls aren’t so common nowadays).

curious to see what it will become.

Sorry but in asia this game are dead now, try find movies from game and look a date.
Now thay want take money from us before game go dawn, thats why this game are b2P (in asia f2p)

translate this and read

心血來潮 回來看一下當初抱持希望的遊戲

發現大部分有新消息的都是群龍 跟神諭 反而最新的烈焰完全沒消息了






當時也有許多建議的人被一些莫名其妙護航的人打槍,例如:不會自己做、不爽不要玩、看你也是不花錢的那種 之類


現在一看 奇怪那些護航的人呢!?怎麼不繼續支持了!?為什麼不花錢讓這遊戲好好的經營下去!?你們不是很愛嗎?


I wish I would knew someone who speaks this language accordingly. Google translator is a pain. Last big news from the main Forum of those guys is from may 15th, so nothing seems to happen over there ^^.

Google translate is not much help:

Had come back to look at the whim of the game for hope

Found that most new messages are dragons with oracle but the latest news is not entirely flames

Look at the big announcement last revised in June when about things , thinking also had large layoffs to repel pit period

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Now look strange to those who escort it ! ? How not to continue to support ! ? Why not spend money to make the game good to stay in business ! ? You do not love it ?

Thinking like you run flames , worthy to spend money to support the players you play it?

I still want give this game chance :undecided: now test taiwan version looks not bad, anyway i dont have nothing to play now

Butcher from D3 with a guest appearance at 0:54 in their trailer. I understand Diablo clone, but man, a little more creativity please.

Well, Early Access for it is live now.

I’m eyeballing it. I’d be interested to see player input, as I’ve heard some very high and very low opinions of the game in its pre-EA state.

I’m with you on that. Curious to see how the game shapes up. Not sure I want to jump in on another Early Access game though right now.

Completely lost interest when I found out they are charging for respecs after Lvl 25. Might just be me but a B2P game should not be charging for stuff like that. Either way I think ill pass they sound like a bunch of imcompetant devs from reading reviews.

and they’ve called one of their class Arcanist :mad: i hope Crate charges them for that :stuck_out_tongue: