Guardians of Empyrion / 'Blind Fury' Oleron proc

Hi all. Newbie here, but getting better :slight_smile:

Couple of questions between the interaction in a Warlord between the Guardians of Empyrion and the Blind Fury proc-on-crit effect of the Oleron devotion.

  • Is the ‘fire damage’ value listed under the radius of the debuff on Celestial presence, an additional damage on-strike, or an aura?

  • If an aura, can Blind Fury proc off it, or only off their melee attacks? I understand that player auras do not proc devotions, but since GoE are considered a ‘spell’ i’m not sure.

  • I notice that once Blind Fury is attached to them, it goes off often but also simultaneously. Does this count as two distinct spell effects as far as radius of effect goes (i.e. one radius around each GoE)?

  • Am I correct in assuming it will only proc when THEY crit, rather than my character?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

A damaging aura like Aura of Censure.

It seems to be their melee attacks that proc whatever devotion that is attached to them.


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Thank you :slight_smile: