Gun and Shield end game set pls?

Why not?

looks very high tech

IKR, doesnt have to look exactly that way. This is just some random image i found.

There are lots of good gun and shield combinations. People have wildly different reasons for going gun + shield, one set can’t possibly cover them all.

Here is the less high-tech version:

But alas, there are no 1h crossbows.

What if this set will allow to use 2h ranged weapons in one hand? With reduced damage. This set will not have ranged weapon associated with it, and will provide defensive bonuses, oa and some All Damage. This way you can use ANY rifle or crossbow you want. Set itself wii consist of shield, helmet, gloves and medal, Legendary 75 ofcourse.

OR set consist only of crossbow and shield. On their own they are pretty mediocre but when couple together- you recieve damage and range of a crossbow with a survialbility of a shield. Set also grant unique ability- Fortification. Character slams shield into the ground and use it as cover. For the duration of ability your block chance goes up to 100%, but you cannot move or turn.

Well, there is an Epic set of a gun and shield called the Oathbreaker…