Guns vs SmartMeters

I understand that firearms are viewed differently outside of America in many places but making the logical leap necessary to equate firearms on any level to radiation in your immediate environment requires some odd mental level back-flipping to make work no matter your views on firearms.

One does not in any way equal, or even come close to, the other.

To educate yourself on what guns really mean to people that are not psycho-killers, check out this playlist.

This youtuber is an amazing person, and once again proves you cannot judge a book by his cover/accent.

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I like him right away. Good head on 'im.

I’m not even a gun owner or user. The only time I have ever fired a gun I was probably between the ages of 14-16 and a relative had brought some guns over to my grandparents in the boonies of Kentucky and I had a chance to fire a pistol. Once.

Other than that it never particularly interested me but that doesn’t mean I don’t support our right as Americans to own one. It is a ‘very’ important right that is fundamental to our constitution on so many levels and its reason for being there is FOR a purpose that any American that loves his/her country and understands the reason this right exists and the history of our country is fully on board with.

Note: He explains that particular right in the 3rd episode. Quite perfectly and beautifully if you ask me. So for any non-American that doesn’t understand watch that episode.

Before we start going in circles, let’s agree to disagree here (even though it’s not a great solution) because our points of view are simply not going to be reconciled with each other. The cultural differences are simply to great on this subject.

Edit: to return to the subject of smart meters, I too refused one when the power company offered one. But for reasons of privacy, not health. I don’t need this highly personal information being transmitted over potentially extremely insecure connections. Accident waiting to happen in my opinion.

I’m finding it very hard to reconcile how, no matter what your culture is, that a person can equate a gun, an object that needs to be physically and personally wielded with true intent to harm to a device that transmits/radiates invisible waves across my living environment that I may not even be aware I am in the vicinity of.

There is simply no comparison. In any culture. And a person that latches onto that as ‘meaning’ something clearly has poor logical deduction abilities. This is the type of person that others look at like ‘WTF’ and that person still has no idea why everyone else would think that.

Basically, if I would have met someone, as jiaco did, who had replied like that to me my gut instinct is that there is something wrong with this persons thinking abilities in fundamental ways. Most everyone I know that aren’t mentally incapacitated in some fashion would in all likelihood have the same gut reaction.

Let us also keep in perspective the numbers. The numbers of villans to the numbers of victims. Also, equally important, the ability to be each type of villan versus the ability to be each type of victim.

In one case, guns, you have to be disturbed and have no future to be the villan, and becoming the victim is akin to winning a sick form of lottery.

In the other case, whether it is poisoning the envirornment via radiation or via any other form of pollution, the villians are still disturbed, but they actually do have the choice to do good and their situation is far from hopeless. Instead, they choose evil. And their victims, are their customers, and all the innocent bystanders that share the planet with their customers.

Who is more evil? Which villan should you be most afraid of?

I don’t think people can be considered villains or evil.This is pure subjective opinion.Every killer or dictator has his own support and people justifying killings.

Guns are the tools,that brings the collective mental instability to the edge and results can be ugly.The free sailing of guns is borderline insane.When it’s more easy to obtain firearm,than to fill blank.

And why you need gun in first place?To protect yourself?From whom? If all people buying guns just for protection,then who is the offender? How often guns being have used as form of protest against injustice or government opression.Most of the time just mental unstable person open fire.But in today’s world,full of competitiveness,and businesses,who is not on the edge?

As for smart meters,just piece of the chain.More data collection,with questionable reason and more radiation.Welcome to the 21st century!

IMO, this phrase represents all the support these dictators need. This concept of inevitability needs to be broken. Choice needs to play a role in our future. Having decisions made for us, with or without scientific investigation, means the future is bleak. For us, our children and our children’s three-headed children.

Extremely poor reasoning here. So take the guns away and give the government free reign over us to do as they wish with no threat from the citizens anymore? Hell no. That’s asking for trouble and exceedingly un-American in every single way. Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it WON’T.

It is there for that precise eventuality. TO ensure that the citizens have the right AND the means to take back their rights and their government.

And then there is the matter of hunting.

That’s un American ? I don’t speak precisely for America,cause never been there.But my observations is that guns are not used for anything meaningful.Of course you know better.Still don’t understand the American obsession with buying guns like candy’s.That’s not a tendency in Europe,I suspect is similar in Asia.

^America is a country where a person can hunt for their nourishment. And there are thousands, if not millions, that do exactly that.

Really! That’s interesting information.I hope their nourishment doesn’t include the favorite food by Papua’s tribes :smiley:

I am not fluent enough in English to debate on philosophy,but is really interesting to find reason,why Americans do own so many firearms.

That’s probably bloated in the media. Most firearms owners probably own one for their own personal protection. Hunters may own a rifle or three. Anyone owning more could probably be considered a gun nut and is not representative of all Americans.

I’m just guessing but this is likely a reference to cannibalism?

Interesting list

About cannibals I was joking.

It’s also worth noting that the latest firearm issues that we have been experiencing the last 20 or so years are not a symptom of accessibility to firearms. Americans have had access to firearms for a very long time now, even access to repeat automatic type weaponry but it’s only in the latest years that suddenly we get school shootings and the like.

That is something on the societal level combined with the greater exposure to media via internet etc.

You’re kidding, right? Plenty of countries manage quite well without the sort of must have a gun mentality the Americans seem to have descended into. And I say that as an ex btw. As a kid I knew exactly one person who had a gun and that was for hunting. If anyone else I knew did, it certainly wasn’t mentioned nor did they seem to think the federal government was against them all the time. And this was in the heart of middle America.

You don’t need guns to take back or protect your rights as a citizen - you have the power to vote them out of office just like any other democracy has.

Yes, the 2nd Amendment had it place at the time, but has long since ceased to be relevant.

But we are straying towards politics which aren’t allowed under forum rules.

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Nope. Not kidding.

So a political shift happens and suddenly we are left standing with no democracy, then what?

Unlikely to happen and you know it. Republicans and Democrats have been around for so long no other party can even get a look in.

No offense to anybody involved in this topic, but I think it’s probably for the best to keep this as a gaming forum and leave political debates for other sites.