Guns vs SmartMeters

I have been taking advantage of a “Social Assistant” provided by my work to learn the ropes concerning home administration (banks/insurance/paperwork) and a funny thing happened yesterday during my meeting.

I was ranting and raging about the process I need to go through to refuse the Linky in my home. It is some form of French Smart Meter that seems like a complete scam on multiple levels, but the main thing that bothers me is the extra radiation that it will emit all over my house. I mentioned that I found the home alarm system is spitting out massive amounts of RF and was in the process of getting that company to come rip the system out and I even threatened that if France moves forward and puts 5G on my street that I will use my shotgun to blow up the antenna and then move to another country.

The subject moved to guns and how I was saving to sign me and the kids up at a shooting range not far from my house as a “family” activity we could share.

She expressed genuine confusion at how I could be so afraid of radiation but not guns.

It sort of left me speechless.

Anyway, if you can stay within Forum Guidelines, I leave this rant open to see what kind of discussion might ensue. Just remember the rules please.

Guess it depends. Being an ex-American guns don’t particularly bother me even though I only saw police carrying them when I was a kid. But I remember on a holiday years ago to Switzerland with a group from Britian and everyone in the group seeing a policeman here with a gun on his hip rather freaked out because police in the UK don’t carry guns. They simply weren’t used to seeing them on public display like that.

Husband and I also got a bit of a shock when on our honeymoon to meet family in the States we borrowed my cousin’s car for a couple of days, only to discover a gun in the glove compartment. Needless to say we gave it back to them posthaste!

I’d be wary of both radiation and guns because I just don’t see the attraction of guns myself. That as a family activity would be a long, LONG way down on my “things to do with family” list.

A gun (and their prevalence amongst civilians in some of the world’s more barbaric places) as far as I can tell is a carte blanche for authorities to shoot people without repercussions.

As for radiation: I wouldn’t worry if it’s of a lower frequency/long wavelength. We live in radiation, we have two specialized organs (Eyes and brain) to sort it out.

Well, my kids and I are not walking around with guns, first of all.

But saying something like “eyes and brain will sort it out” makes absolutely no sense to me. And it basically validates my point that you could even write it.

Eyes deal with visible light, and brains?. Unless you were referring to how much of the brain is used to process the signals from the eyes, I am not sure I follow your logic.

My point was all this technology is increasing the constant background of radiation. If you consciously decide that wifi is worth the risk then so be it, it is your choice. But to have radiation from a smart meter or cell phone tower that you did not choose to install, it is fucking with you and all other lifeforms in the vicinity all the time, day and night.

The point was not which is more or less dangerous, it was that this individual thought: “how can you be paranoid about radiation if you are not paranoid about guns”. I just found this a very bizarre perspective.

It’s simply risk assessment.

5g microwaves are higher wavelength (in fact, the ones about to be installed in my country are around the ballpark of an inch, or a few centimeters.) than visible light, so they have even less ability to ionize matter or excite electrons. (which is the primary danger associated with radiation)

Another thing is the low energy associated with towers, as well as the fact that the wattage is not uniformly distributed in time and space. In comparison, higher energy radiation sources (infrared heat, lights, sunlight) are constantly bombarding our body and have magnitudes higher energy, yet we don’t worry about being around lights and advocate sitting in dark rooms.

Actually in today’s world almost everything around is emitting radiation.Every electronic device from TV,PC,watch,even cancer patients in treatment.I remember the story of certain chairman of big Korean Smartphone company,that have forbidden his son to own one…

As for guns,I actually don’t know people,relatives of mine that have any firearms.My uncle have,but is more of a exhibit pistol.The hunters usually have guns,but in general they are not that common in my country-Bulgaria.And the best way to prevent gunfire is to not have gun…

If you think 5G is even remotely a good idea, check out where the technology comes from.

This video shows grapes in a microwave. For 5G, the human sweat glands will have the same properties, albeit 5G is normally on at a lower wattage. But then again, you do not live in a microwave. You will live in a constant stream of 5G radiation however.

And then continue down the rabbit hole until you are also out buying shotguns just to take down the antennae that they will eventually mount right in front of your house, at god knows what expense. The amount of money being consumed to roll this out should be enough to make anyone suspicious.

When I read of and/or meet such types of people, don’t you worry jiaco but you are not alone. I’ve often pondered if there is hope for them but my gut often screams at me: NO!

That’s the sort of person and the type of thinking that only a major life event could rectify the problem in their thinking.

Either a major life event or a crazy dad. Here is what I woke up to on Sunday.


Hmm,interesting material, @jiaco .I am not familiar with 5G,but that compared to microwave is kinda scary!

It’s funny as a thinner mesh is more than enough to keep microwaves out.

Well then, it’s clear what needs to be done then.

america is a weird place.

The freedom to be weird is what makes us great.

I’d be more concerned about a gun, that’s designed to kill things, than 5G radiation which isn’t. As I’m writing this and posting it through my 5Ghz wifi I’m not overly concerned with death through radiation poisoning caused by it. The odds are in my favor, living in an inner city as I do I’m much more likely to be harmed by air pollution or traffic or any number of risks. And living in a country where firearms are exceedingly heavily regulated I think I’m fine there as well. I wouldn’t be so sure in other places where regulations are … lacking. Given the choice I don’t think I’d move to the US, partly because of that. The idea of walking into a store and buying an assault rifle, no thanks, watching that on TV is as far as I’m prepared to go. It’s incomprehensible to me how at ease people can be with such deadly weapons.

The reason why jiaco finds the woman’s comment left him speechless is simple to understand for anyone who understands simple logic:

A gun needs to be actively used to have an effect. It also requires a specific target.

Radiation actively ‘surrounds’ you and ‘permeates’ you. Completely. Totally.

There IS no comparison which is why the woman’s thinking is so fucked up. Simple really.

My brother from another mother. love ya dearly, @powbam

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I think it’s reasonable to be concerned about both. And honestly I’d be more concerned about having a firearm in my house than a cell phone tower on the roof. Don’t think she’s being unreasonable.

On some levels I can agree with that. I’m not personally freaked out over wifi/5G radiation yet, but I very much understand the concern and if you search the internet you will find that there DOES EXIST people out there who are seemingly more susceptible to wifi radiation than the rest of us.

It can cause severe headaches and sleeplessness etc in these types of people.

And that’s not to say that even for those of us who are showing no outward signs that it isn’t fundamentally fucking with our bodies in subtle ways over the long-term.

There’s also the difference in cultural perceptions of firearms. Where I live if you have one you’re either working for law enforcement or you’re a criminal, there’s practically no legal way to own one. Very different where you live, and so our perceptions are shaped by our environment. Here it’s highly alarming, there it’s ordinary.