Gutsmasher is just Smasher now.

Was there really no way to keep the bleed in the proc without making the game crash? For an item clearly aimed at a bleed build it’s pretty silly that its proc has nothing to do with bleed anymore. I was going to wait until after the patch to see if my bleed Warder would benefit more from Mythical Guillotine or Gutsmasher, but now I can’t see why anyone would choose Gutsmasher over Mythical Guillotine, even after it was nerfed. After all, Mythical Guillotine boosts the duration of all bleed sources, not just one skill. Might as well just rename the proc Splosion too while you’re at it.

I think Gutsmasher was much more of a physical weapon even before the change, i didn’t see a reason to use it over Mythical Guillotine for bleed builds so this is not much of a change in this regard.