hacked items?

I was given some items from a random player online. These items do not show up in the grim dawn item database. I am new to the game so I am not sure if they just were not listed on the website or were implemented with a new patch?

If I do have hacked items, is my account at risk for having them? I did not make them and I don’t want to be banned for having hacked gear.

If anyone can let me know that would be great thanks.

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if they aren’t in the database then they probably were hacked

but you are not going to get banned or have any repercussions for having them. The game was made with modding in mind and hence you can freely mod items.

You can freely change things to your liking. If items don’t fit what I want for my build, I make/modify my own :slight_smile:

but that is a mod, giving this item to someone else would result in it reverting back to the regular stats as their database has the vanilla stats…

What the OP most likely received are ‘cheat’ items the devs put in for their testing, as the item has to exist in the GD database and will have the vanilla stats (unless he were using a mod)

Provide a screenie: remove the “http://” behind it, if need be, and place the link within “”.

That way we can tell either way.

IMO, a possibility is that the item in question is magic or has magic affix / suffix, instead of rare ones, such as “puncturing” or “stoneplate greaves”, for example. In such cases, unless you also enable magic items, you won’t see either of these in grimtools.

And even with this situation the OP doen’t need to worry as there’s NO checking if the gear or char is “legit” or not as you can Mod the main game if you wish to.

@ laxus87 There’s NO worry about your account or game or anything. GD is fully moddable and the only thing ever to give you a risk would be using a pirated varsion of the game and posting here for help/advice (I’ve seen it happen :D)

Enjoy GD and Welcome to the forums. :smiley:

here are the screen shots.

I was only able to up load 500kb worth per post. so it will be in 3 parts.

3rd part of screen shots.

I posted the screen shots. Its all “Assassins” version of mythical’s

Basically adding affixes to legendaries. Yeah, those are hacked. But like others said, there’s no worry about getting anything banned and Crate doesn’t care what you do with the game. They actually encourage modding.

So then I can use those modded items and just smash ultimate? lol

I am so use to playing games from “Blizzard” where they crack down on the smallest hack/mod.

Since these modded items are legit to have, do they carry way more trade value? or should i just use them?

They aren’t technically legit since those items don’t exist like that in vanilla. Maybe someone will want them for trade, but i assume the majority just want the ones from the vanilla version. So i would just use them.

Personally, i wouldn’t use them. Not because i couldn’t but because, when changing builds or chars that can’t use them, the difference would be far too great VS regular legendary items.

“Blizzard” banned me accusing me of using bots with Diablo III when i had well over 4000 hours @ the time (around late June / early July 2016, with my highest rank being #98 in Europe, DemonHunter). Ironically, when i ran the anti-virus as suggested in the e-mail that said i was being banned, the one thing that it accused was the program i downloaded to make recordings to publish on Youtube videos of me clearing GRs 80 to 87 …
They never gave me a chance to prove my innocence nor showed me the “supposed evidence” that caused my ban … so i banned “Blizzard” instead: destroyed all “Blizzard” games i owned (4 games), + authenticator + a mouse mat i had of WoW.

I wouldn’t play one of their games if they payed me for it: that’s how much they pissed me off.

But it’s not all bad: it’s how i found Grim Dawn because i was searching for an alternative to Diablo III.

Just keep in mind, that a huge part of the fun in GD is to “beat” the game in Ultimate. Using hacked überitems makes this very easy, it´s really not a challenge anymore. So, in my mind, you are robbing yourself of the fun to actually git gud and all that. But that just me, if you are having fun, all is well.

they are not legit items, to me they have no trade value at all as a consequence… the logic in that is that they are not super-rare drops that are valuable due to their rarity, they are cheated items and if I am ok with cheated items, then I would simply create my own and not look for a trade…

Most open MP games are just cheats. Just like in old TQ, no difference here. You can often spot games like this by just looking at their avatars before joining if you care.

But no, no ban for that. Do what you want if you are bored. No real missing value here, but your own entertainment.