Hello people, I recently learned about Grim Dawn after being a huge Titan Quest fan. I would love to stay in tune with the game’s progress!

Also, I will probably be supporting the game by getting a key myself.

hi and welcome, as for getting a key, please do, as it supports the game

Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.
Later on we’ll have popcorn and beer so we can tell our Titan quest adventures and brag about our epic stuff!

welcome to the forums!

Thanks all for the nice replies!

On another note, is there a bigger edition on its way?

Hail and well met! (oh yeah, bringing out the UO RP-speak)

Not sure if you saw but we’re looking to launch a Kickstarter project soon and it shall feature some larger contribution levels with enticing rewards. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I will wait then for that “Kickstart” package.

The bigger the better in the case of you guys, am I right?