Halion The Rat...

What is the deal with this guy?

Of all the bosses and and hero enemies on cronley’s hideout, he is the one that hits me the hardest, even with a tanky build! Not even cronley is that hard to deal with, but this guy can easily deal a lot of damage on elite and beyond.

Agree, though i’ve never managed to figure out why. I guess him and his rat deal a ton of poison, and poison resist is something i generally neglect. I avoid him completely, there is never a reason to go into that mine before I start farming Fabius at which point that stupid rat is no longer a problem (and even then, Fab is rarely in that mine).

Why no reason? I find it’s quite a good place to grind due to the rift’s position…

It’s mostly the poison damage. His poison bomb results in broken dot and res reduction on top of it.

I really don’t get it how people struggle with so many bosses… I made a new char using canister bomb as only killing skill and i can literally stand in front of almost anything while waiting for its reuse. Even longhoreon was a piece of cake with gimp ress on elite… Only last boss in bastion makes me kite for quite a while

It took me by surprise

Ok, but it’s fun to actually have to try to beat things instead of just throwing a bomb.

And it’s not important to know that you are better than other players. :slight_smile:

I made a new char using canister bomb

You answered it yourself.

interesting thing is. My fabius farming char get killed by that rat once, when fabius has no chance of reduce my HP bar below 40%.

I wonder if Poison dots hit harder than other kinds of dots. Nothing seems to bring me down as fast as poison, and I have decent resists.

Idk enough about that, but poison resist is definitely is vital in this game. I would say that poison resists are the most common on armor and weapons, but that’s just anecdotal evidence.

They should make the Rat - Beast Nemesis, poison damage is non existent in Nemesis

SharZul -Fire
Undead - Cold
Aether - Lightning
Order - Vit
Kymon - Phy + Trauma
Fabius - Pierce + Bleed
Cthonian - Chaos