Happy Birthday to Grim Dawn!

Kamil, dziękuję za stworzenie najlepszego arpg na rynku. Cieszę się że mogłem pomóc w przybliżeniu tego projektu rodakom poprzez dokończenie tłumaczenia. Życzę wszystkiego dobrego na przyszłość i obysmy doczekali się kolejnych dodatków! Pozdrowienia z Polski! :wink:

we have to thank you , Crate !! 900k copies nice !! 2nd expansion confirmed ^^?

Happy Birthday GRIM DAWN ^^ :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

So it’s today ? :slight_smile: That was a busy year as a player and obviously a much more busy year as a dev :stuck_out_tongue: but it was worth it, the game has grown more and more aweseome in the course of the year :wink:

so congrats Crate and happy birthday Grim Dawn !


Also, some new aether mutant variants in the background?

Happy cake day! Don’t get lost in the Ugdenbog!

Happy b Day GD hope this year will bring more success to this little masterpiece!:cool::cool:

That pic would have been more awesome if it were all the Nemeses around the candle. Still great though.

Still, happy birthday! Thanks for making a game that i haven’t stopped playing for over 10 months straight. Seriously, this game is already in my top 5 favourite games ever and i have an extensive list of game that i love.

Happy Birthday GD, thanks for sucking up 1400 hours of my life!

Question about the sale; I already have GD on Steam, but I’m tempted buy a Loyalist package so I can get the expansion and bonus content. If I do that, can I apply the xpack/bonus content to the copy I have now and give the extra copy of the base game to someone else?


Here’s to 5300 more hours of playtime!

They grow 'em big in the bog.

Thank You Arthur and all the other Crate members who have poured their passion and sheer will and against all odds managed to bring to life this amazing game and world.

For the thousands hours of joy you have brought myself and hundred thousands others - Happy Birthday

HB 2 GD, and grats!

Hip Hip horay.
Good work guys. Hopfully there becomes to many milestones to keep track of in the not ot distant future.

Happy Birthday Grim Dawn! I promise to play you more this year than last.

Yup. /10char

Yeah, i’m curious about this as well. I’d like to be able to “mix match” my copies, if at all possible.

Yup. Again. :wink:

It goes thru Humble. You get Steam keys for the different items in the package. Some of them like the map and soundtrack can be downloaded from Humble. Apply the keys you need to your account. The extra game copy, gift to a friend if you want.

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Lol, ohh ok, i read that wrong then :eek::stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet, thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you Crate for working on such an amazing game. Looking forward to another great year :D.

It’s been a year? Dang, I’ve got so much more to do! Levels furiously

Well done Crate. You’ve made it.