Happy Holidays

All the best to you.

And here is a teaser for those of you, who (like me) missed Crate’s update via Twitter / FB. Shout-out to ASYLUM101 for finding it :slight_smile:

Edit: See Crate’s official announcement Merry Christmas and to all a Grim Night!

Merry Christmas to my friends and people living in Europe and USA!

We’ll celebrate later. Also, that screen looks comfy as shit. I never thought I would be hype for Crate’s RTS project, but damn if I don’t try it at least.

Happy Yuletide everyone. Here’s to a great 2018 for us all. :smiley:

Love that flock of geese flying in the bottom left corner. That’s the sort of detail we’ve come to expect from Crate. Smashing!

Happy holidays everybody! The screenshot looks great. :smiley:

Happy Holidays to everyone. And Crate you’ve done an awesome job this year hope in 2018 you astonish us even more :slight_smile:

Happy holidays everyone!


Happy Holidays to Crate and everyone on these boards.

Let`s hope 2018 brings us much more possitivism and humanism in the world.

And GD xp2 :slight_smile:

Happy holidays to all! I am about to buy Forest Village but cancelled. I am now so much looking forward to Ancient Cities and of course our very own GD hello kitty village :wink:

Yeah happy christmas to you all. I’m not a big fan of city builders but if you mix the formula with some interesting ideas i might as well jump in…

happy holidays

This picture is a New game, but is a Arpg? hopefully

Happy Holidays to all.

Happy holidays to Crate and everyone on here! :smiley:

Happy Holiday everyone!

Happy Holidays everyone!