Happy New Year! Let's Talk V1.1.9.5/6

I’ve found some niche cases that are least worth discussing:

  1. Chaos Phantasmal Blades. This isn’t the prefix just added in 1.1.9.x, this prefix has been here since the start of Forgotten Gods. Nether Edge has built-in Chaos damage, and yet every single piece of equipment that has points to Nether Edge converts AWAY from Chaos damage. At this point, why does Phantasmal Blades even have Chaos damage if it’s only going to be converted anyway? I wouldn’t even begin to describe where you can get the points, but this stood out as a big “why is this even here?”

  2. Vitality Decay is just in a bad spot. Build for reference
    I mainly play it in SR, and goodness, killing resistant enemies takes ages to do. Vitality Decay Grenado sounds like one of those things that sounds cool when you say it, but then you realize there’s barely anything supporting it. A big help would be giving resistances to the belt and pants, as they are some of the only ways to get Dread up to 22/12, but leaves resistances barren.

  3. May we have Elemental to Acid conversion for pets on a weapon please? Pretty please? That Blightshard amulet is really lonely as the only source of Elemental to Acid conversion for pets.

  4. Outside of Physical / Fire, I haven’t seen Forcewave discussed much at all. The last that was discussed about it, it was in need of a lot of buffs (video courtesy of banana_peel). Neither Lightning nor Elemental Forcewave are discussed much at all, and Cold Forcewave - despite the conduit - is nonexistant.

  5. One other item I thought of: would you please introduce global Lightning to Cold conversion to Mythical Shard of Asterkarn? And some cast speed to Codex of the Eternal Storm? It feels awful to try and create a full Cold Wind Devil, and not even have the ability to fully convert the Codex’s included skill. There are other options, but they all break the main focus of Cold Wind Devil. It would also be nice to include Cold damage to Eye of the Storm as well. Cold Shaman is well represented by items, but basic stats like Cast Speed are so bad that the feeling is practically unplayable.

It would also be nice to have Maelstrom at 22/12 without reaching for anti-synergetic items. There is Malmouth Arcane Seal, but that is clearly for a Savagery/attack focus, so no cast speed there either. No matter what you try to do, you try to cap Maelstrom for Cold Wind Devil, you end up with 0 cast speed.

As far as increasing build viability I feel Badge of Mastery should get the same treatment as conduits. Make one crafting pattern for each mastery. Call them badge of x like the conduits. Would go a long way to finding those extra skill points to cap stuff.


Is it possible to change Darkblaze source active Unleash chaos?
Atm it’s absolutely weak skill being part of Damage dealer set it has damage even lower than 1 AA.

Proposal: change into passive with low DPS (builds with this set already have enough dmg) or active like Valdun’s rifle Fragmentive round, with plenty of shots and WD included.

Our overarching goal remains the same: to increase the variety of viable builds in the 4:30-5:30 Crucible range, SR70-90 in the Shattered Realm.

You have upset all the Cairn bandits :disappointed_relieved:


Will there be a possibility for some additionnal QoL improvements too ?

I systematically use Merits and start all my new characters directly in ultimate, which leads to the following (minor) issues :

  • not being self-sufficient in material drops for the next character : it’s nearly OK now for ugdenblooms, thanks to the latest drop rate increases, but aether crystals still need to be farmed, another global reduction in the number of said crystals required for crafting would be welcomed
  • warrants are absolutely needed to reach high infamy level with opposing factions in a single playtrough, and farming those can be quite frustrating : would it be possible to increase the drop rate of warrants ?

And, on a completely unrelated topic, could you please change the cold resistance of ice crystals and put it in the same range as the cold resistance of Moosilauke ? In the current state, fighting Moosilauke with a cold melee build is a royal PITA …

quickly tested cold PRM mh again

out of 3 runs finished only 1 in 5:27, also died at 160 against Fabius/Alex and at 170 against Fabi/Maiden

build feels bad.
made already a feedback thread about it [Feedback] Cold PRM (or PRM itself) could get a bump, it would be super-good if some changes are implemented like full cold conversion on PRM

also Allagast MH: Mage Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

I ask for the same still: replace 2-part resist bonuses with sth more useful than resists build has in plenty. I personally suggest giving it %hp and phys res.

also it would be cool to finally see Eastern gloves getting cast speed. this is quite crucial for allagast as you have a low-cd skill, almost-no-cd-Box and filler skill. pressing this rotation with low/medium cs results only in dps losses.

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I hope whatever nerf on phys doesn’t hit retal as collateral damage again, or at least phys retal gets compensation. As it stands now, the only phys retal builds that fall on 430-530 cruci balance range are spam aegis and retal DE. None of those two builds can do SR90 when built for crucible. You’d need to have a specialized build for one of the two modes to do well in one.

For other retals like stoneguard they never ever do well in crucible in the current game patch no matter how much you make it cruci focused and I think stoneguard is the only one other than the first two mentioned to have the capability to be good in high SR.


Can we expect to get some improvements to the console version other than bug fixes? I think this thread covers most of the things that would greatly improve the experience. There’s also some pretty major slowdowns on Xbox One at times, are there going to be more options to increase the fps?

Some suggestions for Relic Improvements:
Blademaster’s Talisman & Plunderer’s Talisman: There were a lot of buffs given to dual-wield enabling items like Korvaak’s Brand, but these relics are effectively out in the cold. Nobody considers these options when enabling dual-wielding, especially with how costly it is to give up +skills. I would recommend heavy buffs to both these WPS so that anyone trying to DW weapons (melee or ranged) would at least consider these relics if they want to use their belt / relic for something else.

Necrosis: Can we have a general %All damage buff like we did for Urobrook’s Reaping? The multi-damage RR is excellent for classes that are tight in RR abilities (especially for dual-type damage builds), but limiting the damage type to Vitality hurts it more than it can help. Vitality to X conversion is pretty abundant anyway, so giving it a %all damage would make it a much more viable relic.

Scourge: Scourge is in a weird spot. Limiting it to Cold damage makes it so that it’s often beat out by a Nightblade relic. Having it as a melee nuke makes it an inferior version of Urobrook’s Reaping. Turning it into a WPS would make it directly conflict with items like Blademaster’s Talisman. Lastly, the Cold damage type makes it directly compete with Yugol’s spin-to-win relic. The only thing that could salvage it if it was somehow made into another movement skill so people can combine it with their movement runes for maximum zipping.

Reckoning & Avenger: I would really like for one of these to become a Shield WPS. Shield WPS are really limited to Shattering Smash in Oathkeeper, and there are multiple Shield options that are meant for non-Oathkeeper classes. It would be really nice to see a Shield WPS somewhere, whether it’s a relic or one of those main shield items like Mythical Sanctus Crest. Something that makes it worth it to go Sword & Board.


Non-set RtA RF performs better than stoneguard in SR pushing, actually, because of maximum all resist. However, non-set RtA RF is extremely bad at speedrun, especially when you meet mage bosses.

Unfortunately, I have no suggestions for balance at the moment due to lack of interest in breaking records, but I would like to take this opportunity to mark a few more items with uncoordinated bonuses.

  1. Soulcarver
    Normal and empowered versions have + Reaping Strike, while mythical havn’t
  2. Band of Black Ice
    Normal and empowered versions have + Olexra’s Flash Freeze, while mythical havn’t.

Both of this item groups get big update in, but lost logical inheritance of bonuses.

Dear Developers :slight_smile:

What I would like to see is some more conversions to Chaosdamage for Pets, because I think that Chaosdamage is the best way to fight against the big bosses as they have mostly just a few Chaosresistance… From Acid-, Physical- or Colddamage (Or Elementaldamage). What I in detail would like to see is something like Wardens Judgement with Chaosconversion (now there is Aether conversion). Additional to this, there are not soooo many Pants for Petbuilds. Probably some more Pants for Petbuilds that are concentrating to convert everything to Chaosdamage. Furthermore… If we talk about medals there is at the moment a bit of a lag of Medals for Pet builds with features for Necromancers that in particular concentrate on Chaosdamage… At the moment I use Mythical Rotdrinker Crest and an alternative would be Wendigo Gaze. But that’s it I think. Probably I am wrong… But this is what I see right now. Ahhh yes. And like everytime. We could get more perfect on our “special” builds if we would have the chance to choose our favourite pre- & suffxes. But I have requested that in the past. So I do not do it again and again. :slight_smile: Here is my build I am talking about. I try to convert as much as I can to Chaos for Pets… Spellbinder, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

And one more thing. Probably I do not understand… so then just ignore it… But what is Twin Fangs (Devotion) all about when it comes to use it with Pets? I have tried to use Twin Fangs together with my Blight Find. To be honest. I do not really see that it works… Probably It is just not enough damge converted to health… But I exprect that my Blight Find will heal like my Skeletal Servant. That Skeletal Servant heals very well on its own… I have tried to use Twin Fangs for Blight Find and expected something like the damage to Health conversion the Skeletal Servant is using. Probably that is a thing you could have an eye on :slight_smile:

So happy new year to all of you in the Community :slight_smile:

With kindest regards

May I suggest focusing on bugs, potentially future-proofing the game and maybe improving FPS in a few Crucible arenas, but not messing with balance anymore? It’s worrying that campaign is not even mentioned in original post. Besides, every update carries risk of breaking something and I’m afraid at some point other projects will steal your attention leaving Grim in a bad spot.

Is something drastically wrong with the campaign to be worried about? Too many builds can viably conquer it perhaps?

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What, uh, concerns regarding the campaign do you have?

And which bugs and future proofing would you suggest we focus on? Fact that programmers do those things aside.

It just crossed my mind so I’m gonna ask:
Any thoughts / chances about reverting the nerfs to RE items from last patch. :eyes:

Woah, hold on. I read this as you implying to take away cold damage when the relic has had it for years. Cold/Vit is just fine. I agree that making it a movement skill would be fun but the devs were pretty adamant about limiting movement skills to runes, not items. They took away all the item skills remember?

Scourge would be great with lower CD to compete with SS. I also suggest giving the skill an arc and some crit. Imagine a CD version of Uroboruuk’s Reaping. It already has the damage but it’s limited by the 2.4s cooldown. CDR doesn’t affect item skills either. Any AA will beat it now but this will help close that power gap.

Lastly, friendly reminder that a very recent patch buffed Scourge’s frostburn and vit decay but the relic STILL does not have +%frostburn/%Vit decay damage. Seriously. :upside_down_face:

No, I just want to take away the “100% Physical to Cold conversion” that’s on the relic. It’s a rare case where a player wants to design around Cold damage, but has a lot of unconverted Physical damage that’s being wasted. As for your statement about a CD version of Urobruuk’s Reaping? We already had something like that; it was called… Urobruuk’s Reaping. Even with the +skills to Necromancer, it was hardly used - most AA abilities have enough targets and enhanced damage that there’s no reason to stop using your AA in favor of a melee nuke.

Some more suggestions that I’ve found digging through the database:
Fleshwarped Tome:
This tome converts Vitality to Aether, but thanks to various set rehauls, we already have a ton of Vitality to Aether conversion. I would recommend having global Lightning to Aether instead, as it is a rarer conversion which can be used for various conversion builds.

Grenado, oddly enough, has no 100% Physical to Lightning conversion in any of its items. There’s Fire to Lightning conversion but no Physical to Lightning. The natural home for that would be the Kymon’s medal.

Pet Items Feedback:
It would be nice to add Call of the Grave skill points to either Bargoll’s Core (where there’s a good amount of bonuses related to Call of the Grave) or Mythical Bonescavenger’s Deathgrips (where it’s heavily used for hybrid pet builds who want to obtain the kills necessary to summon the Bound Spirits).

Additionally, please place pet Bleeding Resistance to Wildshorn Legguards, as Cabalists are hard-pressed to find Bleeding resistance for pets, and these pants specifically are very good for Cabalist pet builds. Anything that helps lessen the necessity of rare MI affixes to cap pet Resistances is highly appreciated.

Troll Bonecrusher:
Can we remove the Lightning to Physical conversion on Savagery? This weapon is literally a carbon copy of the Avenger Mace, and once someone gets the Avenger Mace, there is no reason to use this weapon whatsoever. Without a conversion, people can run other forms of Savagery and take advantage of the nice Feral Hunger mods (Cold or Vitality savagery with that Feral Hunger mod sounds juicy).

And currently I use it exactly because of this (the physical focus and conversion) while levelling an Archon [budget build]

Please consider reverting Haunt’s ( Relic) resistance reduction nerfs. It would be most likely a nice buff for aether battlemages ( that lack active proccers and are currently not in the greatest of spots compared to other aether builds) and will most likely not be used by Spellbinders since they don’t need it extra RR and make better use of Agrivix Malice. Aether Battlemages got a big hit from this nerf and the removal of resistance reduction on Seal of Corruption.

Also, please consider removing “100% fire damage converted to x dmg to Judgment” items like the Cold conduit and Codex of Truths. It doesn’t work on Heart of Wrath and might confuse people.