[Feedback] Cold PRM (or PRM itself) could get a bump

pretty much the title. I recently made this MH to see if cold PRM is anything good now. Not gonna say I was expecting sth incredible, though the performance is quite poor nevertheless.
I did 7 Crucible runs:
death at 160

runs go brrrr here

also made couple of SR runs, SR75-76 is beatable but sketchy a bit.

the problems I wanna point out:

  • the skill itself is not fully converted. lightning part remains and actually wastes some damage potential.
  • inability to get all PRM nodes overcapped. this is pretty much important, esp. for Distortion
  • 2 extra RR skills. I’m fine about WoP as it has AoE but Box itself gives very little of it.
  • build is a bit short on skill points.
  • solo-damage is MEH. didn’t meet Cuba in SR but suppose that fight to take forever. same for fabius. Even in Crucible it takes a long time to kill some solo-humans or Moosie (despite his big model) and the build has no racial against humans/beasts.
  • quite low OA when PRM wants some juicy crits.
    (this can go long…)

what can be actually done?

  • one of the biggest problems lies in the nature of PRM skill itself. If you manage to group mobs to be in line or close to each other, you can get some crazy shotguns and crits. If you fight solo bosses (like IM/Alex/Fabius) it takes very long to kill them because of small model. Add to this that cold PRM is kinda weak itself and cold in general sucks now.
  • I suggest adding 100% li>cold conversion to PRM to Farath’s Cube. No one will build double-damage PRM this way and li part is mostly a damage loss. As cold FoI got the full conversion treatment, I guess PRM could get this too. Also I’d do the following:
  • replace +1 to Shaman with +1 to Inq. This off-hand is used by infils and MHs and i never saw a single shaman build with it.
  • move the RR from box to WoP. This won’t make the damage crazy but will improve QoL as WoP has way better AoE to spread RR.
  • Improve proc on Eternal Haunt a bit, like halve it’s CD as on some other RR rings.
  • Maybe replace the CD mod to BH on gloves with some PRM mods. Also, for Shoulders or supporting gear: it would be cool if some chaos/ele resist is replaced with acid/peirce ones.

also wanna give a word to @Nery, @romanN1, @eardianm and everyone who played PRM for their thoughts and suggestions.


Since I played PRM last few days I will chime in.

Tried building PRM around key items like Farrath’s Cube and focused on converting lightning to cold with chest, shoulders and gloves, which naturally lead to subpar gear choices. The build is question is this: Mage Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator (grimtools.com)

In Crucible buffs can cover some of the weakness and do decent clear rate, times were around 5:05-5:20 unless you meet Kuba under bad mutators, cause you might not even outdamage it’s heals. Was able to do one lucky run slightly under 5 but also died few times.
GD Cold Panetti Mage Hunter 150-170 4:55 - YouTube

In SR this version isn’t suited even for 75-76 farming (not that is physical impossible ofc) . Can be little bit better with different devotion but overall build is glassy with limited sustain and low health.

About changes I agree with OP’s suggestion. Since amulet gives RR to Pain, Cube mod can match it for better QoL. Also Storm Box is primary single target damage oriented skill, which isn’t ideal for RR spread and build is cold focused, so you will not invest in this skill anyway. Also Shaman +skills, it’s pretty much wasted, since neither FoI or PRM select it as secondary class. Also lightning to cold conversion will free item slots for better item and will not hurt diversity, since lightning have better option in Invoker.

Global changes can be done as well, giving cold items skill points bonuses to PRM line or mods and ofc some health will also be appreciated.


changed the spec a bit:

gained extra racial and better CS overcap, though lost some OA.
some painful vids from SR that speak from themselves, I guess.

I guess that Paragon’s shoulders could surely get some flat (80-100) or% (like 5%) OA as it’s quite vital for PRM.
Also aether/chaos/ele resists could be replaced with acid/pierce/bleed ones.

speaking damage-wise, nothing really changed from the OP thesis.

When you don’t boil your spaghetti
Combination of a single RR class with one of the weakest main skills had it coming I guess.
PRM outside of Invoker is pretty mediocre.

Could some Aether PRM Spellbinder with ~max out RE work?

Off topic, but Banana made a decent one, but he said it didn’t feel good to play.

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Ele with the guns and weapon damage felt close

Roman was around 5 minutes without resistant mutator in crucible. AoE is great but single target is slow, could probably use just a little more juice

Runs below 6 minutes? One death in 7 runs even though you were sometimes facetanking in spawn zone? And it needs a bump? At first I thought you were joking.
Please stop making the game easier.

Make it shoot Frozen Orbs instead.


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