Happy New Year! Let's Talk V1.1.9.5/6

Recently been tinkering with some demolitionist builds again and following gun cought my eye.

What suprised me here is the extremly low damage % and lack of casting speed for a mythical gun that is meant to be used by casters. (mortars + rune of kalastor)
Also the cold damage part feels a bit out if place on 2nd thought.
Maybe make it pure fire instead?

If we have a look at other mythical guns their damage is around the 180% mark so why isn’t this one I wonder. :thinking:

I would like to suggest adding a nice chunk of casting speed to it and increase it’s damage so it’s in line with other caster guns. :partying_face:


anyone suggest yet adding even just some mild cast speed on Valguur gloves ? ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
ok :weary:
byebye :pensive:


Getting Sigils a bit more beefy on it would be neat too…
They hit like a wet noodle even with sigil mi medal and a toon having 3400% vit damage. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:
Same is true for alot of other sigil “boosting” sets minus radaggan cuz he can stack them like crazy.


Dark One, Riftwarped Grasp, Morgoneth could use the same treatment. But it is not Crate-style to do such things :laughing:.


Given the ridiculous boost the gun gives to Mortar Trap, I’d say losing some 50 % additive is pretty meaningless. Played a Fire Mortar Elementalist recently and it wrecks house with just Mortars while being nearly immortal.

Wait so Valguur Sigils are bad. From my testing with Dark One Storm Totems Valguur looks like an unappealing alternative for Totems as well since it blocks the BiS offhand. Is Valguur even good for anything then?

Before RE nerfs: [] What We Do in the Shadows: 4:30 Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Shard 100, All Celestials vitality caster Ritualist by mad_lee [everything+]

as in what was it able to archive?
just curious.

On another note:

This guy needs to be looked at, most likely still spawns with crazy res. gear.
I had about 10 minutes on the timer when entering the bossroom… :roll_eyes:
And no, it certainly is not my build that is lacking in damage.

FYI the other bosses in the room went down in around 20-30 sec per. (Kaisan, Zantarin & Ekket’Zul)

Tl;dr: Segarius still spawns with absurd gear and needs to be looked at.

On a similar note I encountered a barely killable Cold Resistant hero 3 times while doing bounties in Malmouth. Had full RR setup.

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burn / shock / chill-heart champ mobs also spawn with absurd res at times plus they can heal each other. :roll_eyes:

fun times when a fully decked out char cant kill a few champs.

SR75-80 deathless, with absolute reliability. And it’s not even hard work, it just walks through it like it’s SR65. To me, that’s pretty much all that matters in SR: highest reward content, reliably. It could definitely go higher, I just don’t bother doing so.

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sounds good :+1:
thx for letting me know.
if anything, some cs would still be welcome on the gun tho.

That’s one of those “flavors” Z doesn’t seem to wanna give up on. Just like the range of green affixes spawnable on human mobs that can make an SR80 Fabio oneshot a SR100 viable char. And bump some elemental champs res so that they get a celestial level effective health pool.

Tried to sketch tri elem iskandra templar. One of the potential builds Templar, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Surprised no one brings this topic up to discuss.
There is literally no support for elemental tss, aside from iskandra and two epic items (chest and amy)

The suggestion is to make eastern set as an elemental one providing elem damage on pair with all elem dots. As for the weapon, there are two items that could have tss support - Mythical Temporal Tempest and Mythical Spelldrinker


I was wondering if you could please consider adding casting speed to mythical blazeheart / stormheart?

Seeing that chillheart has it & both others also see some usage on casters / even have caster related skillboni and/or need the conversions the daggers offer. :partying_face:

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Would be a nice upgrade for my meme Fire Phantasmal Blades Dervish :rofl:


so uhm
acid dmg as the singular dmg type does not have a jewellery augment with flat dmg to player :no_mouth: - considering they doesn’t even support 2 dmg types like other augments that both have flat dmg +oa or da, (and venomblade was put in its place), would it be totally unreasonable to bring acid augments in line with the other and slap some flat on by now? :thinking:


retalion dmg to aar maybe

Acid (with 8% retal damage on it?) AAR! Why this useless Pierce AAR in the last patch? Or buff the cold AAR its already extremly weak. Only works as a hybrid with lighting (Warlock, Druid).

Pierce AAR Spellbreaker (9.4) 4:16 (4:27) - YouTube
My professional comment: the color matches Blade Spirits nicely

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