Happy New Year! Let's Talk V1.1.9.5/6

I really hope they add more length to the UI size slider. I have it all the way to the right and I still can’t see the text very well on 46" TV Screen and I can’t fit in a bigger TV or someone will open the garage or front door and bang it. Please just fix the slider. Otherwise, I would really appreciate a refund on Xbox and I’ll just play on PC. I’m starting to think buying for Xbox was a mistake.

Onto more pets!

The pets from the Gate to Many Worlds can afford to do more damage. The off-hand is meant for Druid pet builds such as pets Druid build, but Druid is never going to be a worldbreaker in terms of damage compared to a Conjurer pet build.

You’re going to use this as either a full Elemental with Arcanist or converting Elemental to something else, which is limited to either Vitality, Aether, or Cold posted in [this thread] at this point. Vitality appears to be the most “breakable,” but that can be handled by giving a slight nerf to Skeletons or the Lost Souls set. Aether pets are a very niche case, and Cold pets are what I’m working on and break the Beastcaller’s set so you can’t abuse it with double Briarthorns.

In these sorts of builds, GoMW is some of the only AoE damage available for pet builds, and with the damage it does now, these sorts of pet builds suffer, especially in Crucible where pets dying removes their buffs (whatever is said about the buffs applying to pets as well as the player, the difference in pet survivability between having the buffs and not having the buffs is immense).

The last time I completed Crucible for Cold non-set pet Conjurer with Gate of Many Worlds? 10:30. I know it’s me playing Crucible, but I already can do 6:30 with non-pet builds. I doubt anyone is going to find a sub-5 Crucible build if you buff this off-hand.

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“Before you sharpen the pitchforks again, v1.1.9.4 Rah’zin Set changes will be reverted”


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Thanks for the continued support of GD @Zantai - I for one appreciate the work and dedication that goes into making GD better with each patch. Although to me it seems there is less and less left to improve! :sunglasses:

Just a quick request before GD updates go dark some time in the future: can there be a item modifier added to either the Mythical Crescent Moon, the Rimetongue Mask or the Rimetongue Pendant (either Rimetongue might be best so other weapons could be used) that would add a nominal amount of Frostburn and give 100% Fire Damage Converted to Cold Damage to Thermite Mines? The item modifer could then give TM that beautiful and glorious blue flame effect from the mine traps in the Steps of Torment?

I ask since I’ve wanted to see that blue flame effect added to Thermite Mines ever since the first time I stepped foot in there. Cold Grenado builds would love to have that cool effect! :damage_cold:


I too wanna see a 10 sec Ravager kill Witch Hunter, you’re welcome to impress us once the patch goes into testing.


Not gonna participate in any testing here. I’m not wasting my time on this imbalanced shit anymore.

What a relief. Now your secret 10s Ravager kill will remain a secret. The game is safe!


at least now we have a standard for rabagur kills
any build that kills it slower obviously should be buffed :grin:

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Not so critical then, huh?


More like irrelevant.
Nothing was provided that was useful.

“This game is unbalanced so I’m not gonna participate in this project to balance it!”

I suggest adding % physical damage to Mageslayer set so that physical RR from Absolute Zero was usable.

Also, currently Olexra’s Flash Freeze skill is unusable without the set because of how many enemies have 135% freeze res (ergo the conduit with -30% freeze rr and Luminari set with -20% are traps, they don’t help almost at all). This problem could also be addressed somehow.


Recently been tinkering with some demolitionist builds again and following gun cought my eye.

What suprised me here is the extremly low damage % and lack of casting speed for a mythical gun that is meant to be used by casters. (mortars + rune of kalastor)
Also the cold damage part feels a bit out if place on 2nd thought.
Maybe make it pure fire instead?

If we have a look at other mythical guns their damage is around the 180% mark so why isn’t this one I wonder. :thinking:

I would like to suggest adding a nice chunk of casting speed to it and increase it’s damage so it’s in line with other caster guns. :partying_face:


anyone suggest yet adding even just some mild cast speed on Valguur gloves ? ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
ok :weary:
byebye :pensive:


Getting Sigils a bit more beefy on it would be neat too…
They hit like a wet noodle even with sigil mi medal and a toon having 3400% vit damage. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:
Same is true for alot of other sigil “boosting” sets minus radaggan cuz he can stack them like crazy.


Dark One, Riftwarped Grasp, Morgoneth could use the same treatment. But it is not Crate-style to do such things :laughing:.


Given the ridiculous boost the gun gives to Mortar Trap, I’d say losing some 50 % additive is pretty meaningless. Played a Fire Mortar Elementalist recently and it wrecks house with just Mortars while being nearly immortal.

Wait so Valguur Sigils are bad. From my testing with Dark One Storm Totems Valguur looks like an unappealing alternative for Totems as well since it blocks the BiS offhand. Is Valguur even good for anything then?

Before RE nerfs: [] What We Do in the Shadows: 4:30 Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Shard 100, All Celestials vitality caster Ritualist by mad_lee [everything+]

as in what was it able to archive?
just curious.

On another note:

This guy needs to be looked at, most likely still spawns with crazy res. gear.
I had about 10 minutes on the timer when entering the bossroom… :roll_eyes:
And no, it certainly is not my build that is lacking in damage.

FYI the other bosses in the room went down in around 20-30 sec per. (Kaisan, Zantarin & Ekket’Zul)

Tl;dr: Segarius still spawns with absurd gear and needs to be looked at.