Happy New Year! Let's Talk V1.1.9.5/6

Things like this belong in bug reports. :slight_smile:

The lower level items will align with the max level version in a future update. Thanks.

Let’s keep the thread on topic please. No need to bump our attention to previously reported issued. If it was reported, we are aware of it.

If you’re packing endgame items, you’ve probably already conquered most of the campaign’s challenges, so I’m not sure how endgame balancing is having a particularly meaningful impact on the campaign.

I can name a long list of minor qol tweaks we could make until the end of time, but that is what they are, minor. They’re not going to have a substantial impact on everyone’s enjoyment of the game and our programming resources are best focused on addressing bugs and our future work.

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My characters are always self-found. :slight_smile: Journey begins anew every time.

Now that we are discussing about sets, Dark One’s set proc has 150% chaos damage even though the set converts half of chaos to vitality and nobody ever uses it for chaos ( apart from one old meme chaos RE Defiler I made 2 years ago, lol). Could this be replaced with something more useful like flat acid/vit or casting/attack speed?


CS would be good as vit/acid builds usually lack it.

I propose to introduce special modes for the Crucible and SR with some permanent modifiers for the period of public testing or even on a permanent basis (the modes themselves can be discussed with the players, making them universal for all builds), especially for testing builds for balance. In my opinion, this is right and fair for those players whose builds suffer from fast runs with fantastic things and good modifiers. This will make it easier to understand the strength of a particular build and avoid unnecessary unreasonable nerfs in the future, or at least the gaming community will understand how justified these nerfs were.

why people don’t understand what the post is about

They don’t read or comprehend what they read. :slight_smile:

Though the thread title is vague on the topic.

In the first post it was written about balancing the assemblies under 5 minutes of the crucible and I am not against it. But 5 minutes in the arena with random modifiers sounds fuzzy and I suggest setting the same testing conditions for all builds for the most fair approach. Of course, it is impossible to make all people the same pilots, but the rest of the conditions can be made equal for everyone, so that there is no unreasonable criticism and resentment. I suggest that everything be as transparent, democratic and honest as possible.

Here’s a 4:15-ish SR85-ish LD Reaver Vindicator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator. So I’d say, it’s a-ok, 20 phys res with 3k armor is alright outside SR90+ and superbosses. Not gonna mention the demo side because it’s not a thing that really exists.

Yes but here we are in a weird situation where some sets have phys res aplenty (Cyclone, IK) and others don’t for no apparent reason. Not saying that LD is one of them. Armor and health is nice and in most endgame makes up for no phys res. Imo. Also

Cool. Free Sanctified Bone. But what LD needs desperately is ~12% total speed somewhere. It’s a set that’s a full skill bar rotation caster with really little room to breathe and - in its most popular iteration of Stormreaver vindicator - wants to melee on top of that. Or wants to spam Jacks somehow.

And while we’re at it, Storm Totems want some love in terms of how cdr bonuses don’t keep up with summon bonuses. Lives for +2 seconds would be awesome but even +1 second would make a world of a difference.

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I’d gonna argue that Stun jacks part of the set is actually the best part of it, since bonuses to ST are abysmal and Storm Box doesn’t really deal any super-good damage.

would be cool if they receive WDs treatment and get +4 sec lifetime by default.

Since we’re conveniently touching on the topic of Storm Totems…

Gave another go to a build I posted in the last patch discussion, namely Vit Totem Archon. To briefly summarise the build, the original idea was to make a build around the Dark One set and Wendigo Totem in particular, taking advantage of the heals and boosting them with % increased healing for survivability. Since the damage was insufficient despite the use of the set + Mark of the Forbidden, the logical choice, given the low skill point requirement and suitability for the Wendigo Totem playstyle, was the addition of Vit Storm Totem.

I’ve tried to improve and optimise the build a number of times now (obviously could GDStash better greens but this is the best I got the honest way) and, while the bump to damage on Decree of Malmouth last patch was welcome, we’re still not there. Gave it a spin just today. Took over 10 attempts to make it from SR75 to 80 within timer (then got inexplicably one-shot by a normal Hero before the SR80 boss room and ran out of time).

The issues:
1- General lack of survivability
Phys res is very low. Build has to take Primal Bond just for the damage absorb even though Path of the Three would be so much more desirable in so many ways. Resistances on the set and relevant gear are low, forcing a hunt for quite specific res affixes just so that you don’t dip into sub 80 % against any amount of RR.

The general lack of comforable survivability is then only underlined by the build’s playstyle. Even if you opted for something other than Storm Totem, the core skill for the Dark One set, Wendigo Totem, necessitates that you remain stationary or, at least, within a very confined area. You can’t comfortably do that if you’re so susceptible to going pop. Even if you are able to just stay in place and tank, the need to resummon totems and apply RR to new targets results in constant interruption in casting, and thus constant interruption of lifestealing. This creates windows where you can get quickly bursted down. More on this in the following points.

Edit: To be clear, the build can generally handle 1v1 situations relatively well. Even can do Fabius on SR80 without too much panic. The main problems arise in chunks, where piles of heroes converge on you and you’re neither resilient enough to reliably tank them (sometimes you just die in a quick burst of damage) nor fast enough to DPS them down quickly to reduce the incoming damage (due to ramp up I’ll go into in point 2 and slow cast speed for Acid Purge I go into in point 3).

2- Totem usability and item options

The Dark One set does a good enough job of making Wendigo Totem a somewhat viable option for sustain and defense (12 % DR), but with only 2 totems active the damage output is simply not sufficient to carry a build, despite the various sources of flat damage modifiers available for the skill. In addition, the miserable cast and attack range on Wendigo Totems makes it so that even if the skill had major damage bonuses, it would not be a comfortable playstyle at all.

So even after equipping an entire set plus medal for Wendigo Totem, you’ll still want to gear up for another source of damage. Due to the above-mentioned lacking resists, the Dark One set sadly doesn’t create the best environment to comfortably build up a second skill, as you also have to be making up for the built-in defensive shorcomings. And the options available for the complementary Storm Totem sadly aren’t all that stellar to bring up the skill’s usability. Even with the only source of flat CDR for the skill equipped, you can’t keep all Storm Totems up full time. The length of the cooldown (2.4 s on my build) not only makes your DPS unstable as Totems pop in and out of existence, it also gives you a lengthy DPS ramp up at the start of every fight. In addition, if you are forced on the defensive and have to relocate, you not only compromise your already lacking defense (sudden absence of Wendigo heals and % DR), but also nix your offense, as you need another 8-10 seconds to start setting up your Storm Totems all over again. Outside of the offhand, which seems mandatory to make Storm Totems operate at all, several of the other item options offer some further extra summon limit, which is useless when even keeping 5 totems up is impossible (honestly not sure how Valguur totem can even be playable when it blocks the offhand). And that’s kinda it. Summon limit, some flat lightning, some crit damage, mostly on pieces that conflict with Dark One or with the off-hand. The only genuinely appealing option for Storm Totems if one were to abandon the Dark One idea is ditching Vitality entirely and equipping a full Ludrigan to get +12 s uptime. Despite its problems, Dark One still feels like a more appealing option for Vit Totems than Valguur. Vit Totem just doesn’t really have much to work with at all.

3- Sluggishness
The build is slow. Everywhere. Requires a movement speed component on boots to not be under 135 % MS (and then any slow mutator instantly brings it back to a crawl). Even after sacrificing a component on gloves for cast speed a 20 % CS slow mutator makes totem planting an absolute ordeal (takes like a second to plant a single totem), only further aggravating the build’s inability to keep totems up full time, and creating bigger vulnerability windows where you’re not lifestealing off of Acid Purge. God forbid you have to relocate frequently (cough* Kubacabra cough*). Can’t afford a Seal of Annihilation on amulet due to aforementioned poor resists. The issue could be partially addressed by going for Dying God instead of Abomination as the main T3 damage devo, as it provides 10 % total speed. But the Terrify retal on Hungering Void actively pushes enemies outside of your Totem range and tends to aggro remote enemies when you’re trying to pull discreetly (again, your sustain can only handle so much) making it a trap option.

If Wendigo Totem alone isn’t meant to carry a build, that’s fine. The playstyle really wouldn’t be particularly enjoyable anyway. But Vit Storm Totem really needs to be in a better place. Valguur (which I haven’t played) will have even bigger issues keeping Storm Totems up and running than Dark One due to the conflicting off-hand, which makes the +1 summon limit on the set virtually useless. With the offhand, the issue that has to be outright catastrophic for Valguur merely becomes bad. Meanwhile, Mortar Trap, which has a much greater attack range and therefore isn’t nearly as impacted by relocating, can be brought down to a 0.5 s cooldown with the right gear. And it feels absolutely wonderful. Storm Totem needs something like that. Much longer uptime, or much shorter cooldown. More damage still wouldn’t hurt. The options to ramp that damage up through flat additons are limited, most focus on adding more totems which cannot be used with the way the skill function.

As for Dark One in particular, improvement on any of the above fronts would be great. Phys res (or just a bunch more health if % phys res is not the way you want to go), additional resistances to open up component/augment options to fix some of the other issues, extra speed in all forms. It’s a chain reaction sort of thing. Having more damage outright would allow the build to not have to tank for so long, reducing the need for survivability improvements somewhat (though not completely, the risk of one-shots still needs to be avoided). Fixes on the survivability front could open up options for getting more damage on the build e.g. by going Path of the Three instead of % damage absorb, which would also alleviate CDR issues a bit (though not nearly enough with only 10-ish % CDR). Currently Dark One, or Vit Totem (with or without Dark One) has just too many problems and not enough space on a character to fix them all.

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Can we please see some improvements to Korba’s Fury? Namely, dropping the useless flat and % bleeding damage for something like OA maybe? Cold and bleeding has absolutely no synergy with each other, and the set is for cold Trickster exclusively. Maybe also dropping completion bonus from +3 Savagery and Ring of Steel to +2 all skills for NB, and add +1 Shaman as well to the helm? I am sure some of the more experienced players can offer better suggestions, but it seems Korba is due for some adjusting?


I’ve tested Korba very recently with this setup Trickster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator and didn’t like the playstyle. AoE is pretty bad, single target hits are okay after %100 phys>cold conversion but still not that great. Skill points are problematic(I tried mountain amulet but resistances were hard to balance with it) I think what set needs that is to become more bleeding set. %10-15 Bleeding RR to veil of shadow and changing ‘‘Mogdrogen’s Pact’’ skill bonus on helmet so +1 Shaman might fix some problems. But main hand RoS is not enough for AoE so ‘‘Korba’s Bite’’ proc on weapons should have 4-5 target and some arc or even 4-5 meter area.


I’m all for some improvements to Korba’s Fury Set, but the Bleeding should stay in my opinion. It’s honestly one of my favorite builds and it’s pretty damn sturdy. Here’s my take on a Frozen North Berzerker (with 5 Fury type procs!): Trickster, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator It’s focused on what the set wants (Cold + Bleeding) and with 26/22 RoS with such a low CD it has pretty good AoE.

I do agree with @fordprefect in that it could get something like -15% Bleeding RR to VoS and maybe bump the flat Bleeding Damage as well.

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Speaking of arcane, it would be nice if their dispell projectile was given a noticable audio cue, since in more clustered environments it’s often nigh on impossible to physically see the projectile coming. I feel like the Grava dispell treatment would be perfect. Just slap a doombolt audio effect on cast on the skill and all the Arcane complaints/issues in SR and Crucible are forever solved.


not when you are playing a doombolt build. I suggested a unique, easily distinguishable sound for the dispel projectile a while ago, nothing happened so I’m gonna take this opportunity to suggest it again :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here is some video footage to demonstrate the exploding Blight Fiend problem. There’s too much empty space where you have to constantly cast Blight Fiends, and even if you do, you rarely see more than 2 fighting enemies at the same time. It’s also rough that you absolutely need off-hand CDR just for the build to feel playable.

On a related note, can we have some Acid damage on the Circlet of the Great Serpent? It’s unfortunate that you can easily get up to 2,200% for a Vitality pet caster, but Acid casters can barely get up to 1,500%. Especially as you can’t use nearly as many pets as you can with Vitality casters (Reap Spirit is out because of the lack of conversion, Bonescavenger Grips are out because of the anti-synergy and gloves conflict, and Gate of Many Worlds is lacking Elemental to Acid conversion, hint hint).

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things I expect for the new patch:

  1. correction of the pt-br language when we use accents or special characters like ç in the search boxes (search using partial terms doesn’t work).
  2. Correction in the interface that shows damage from skills, where it does not recognize the skills and shows only ???
  3. Improved the auto-aim system, often even in front of an enemy the skill passes to the side instead of going to him.

For the future, after all, you don’t have a Dev Kit Series X:

  1. 4k support
  2. hdr support
  3. mod menu support.

Things I would love for the game to have (a dream):

  1. crossplay xbox and pc
  2. one npc for you to advertise your items for trade with other players - using only cash and in-game items, no real money.

I tried to make chaos reap spirits work with this build (chaos rs + bwc defiler).

And while I was able to clear 75-76 a few things became painfully obvious during my test runs:

    1. chaos RS cooldown is still too high for its lack of aoe and you have to heavily rely on other sources for clear which resulted into having to kite mobs for a long time fairly often.
    1. the damage on it too low to justify using it as a big single target nuke
    1. the overall reliable recovery archivable when building around it isnt great

my suggested adjustments would be:

    1. consider adding a flat cdr modifier to either vampiris or m.fiendgaze tome for RS.
    1. increase the flat chaos damage on the main/offhand & also make the minimum flat dmg higher on the offhand, 1-600 seems & feels rly odd here.
    1. another source of vitality to chaos for sustain sake would be much welcome.
      imo it would fit nicely onto vampiris.

cheers, mergo. :partying_face:

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