Happy New Year! Let's Talk V1.1.9.5/6

On a similar note I encountered a barely killable Cold Resistant hero 3 times while doing bounties in Malmouth. Had full RR setup.

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burn / shock / chill-heart champ mobs also spawn with absurd res at times plus they can heal each other. :roll_eyes:

fun times when a fully decked out char cant kill a few champs.

SR75-80 deathless, with absolute reliability. And it’s not even hard work, it just walks through it like it’s SR65. To me, that’s pretty much all that matters in SR: highest reward content, reliably. It could definitely go higher, I just don’t bother doing so.

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sounds good :+1:
thx for letting me know.
if anything, some cs would still be welcome on the gun tho.

That’s one of those “flavors” Z doesn’t seem to wanna give up on. Just like the range of green affixes spawnable on human mobs that can make an SR80 Fabio oneshot a SR100 viable char. And bump some elemental champs res so that they get a celestial level effective health pool.

Tried to sketch tri elem iskandra templar. One of the potential builds Templar, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Surprised no one brings this topic up to discuss.
There is literally no support for elemental tss, aside from iskandra and two epic items (chest and amy)

The suggestion is to make eastern set as an elemental one providing elem damage on pair with all elem dots. As for the weapon, there are two items that could have tss support - Mythical Temporal Tempest and Mythical Spelldrinker


I was wondering if you could please consider adding casting speed to mythical blazeheart / stormheart?

Seeing that chillheart has it & both others also see some usage on casters / even have caster related skillboni and/or need the conversions the daggers offer. :partying_face:

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Would be a nice upgrade for my meme Fire Phantasmal Blades Dervish :rofl:


so uhm
acid dmg as the singular dmg type does not have a jewellery augment with flat dmg to player :no_mouth: - considering they doesn’t even support 2 dmg types like other augments that both have flat dmg +oa or da, (and venomblade was put in its place), would it be totally unreasonable to bring acid augments in line with the other and slap some flat on by now? :thinking:


retalion dmg to aar maybe

Acid (with 8% retal damage on it?) AAR! Why this useless Pierce AAR in the last patch? Or buff the cold AAR its already extremly weak. Only works as a hybrid with lighting (Warlock, Druid).

Pierce AAR Spellbreaker (9.4) 4:16 (4:27) - YouTube
My professional comment: the color matches Blade Spirits nicely

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Oh look, guess AAR is eating another nerf. AAR and nerf just go in the same sentence so well. :scorv:

I don’t think the AAR guy, last known account being Critical_Mind, would bear another AAR nerf.

The only way retal AAR will ever be close to playable is if the mod is on a shield that specifically also enables AAR. You guys never learned from retal FoI.

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Pierce AAR is not very strong. It’s worse than phys, aether, aether/vit, fire, chaos and probably lightning too.

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Its a typical blessing crucible char like 90% of all forum chars. Its playable but not strong. :smiley: And rather below average like a cold AAR. USELESS! :wink:

Retal Callidor’s Tempest hides in the corner sobbing, “why does nobody look at me?”

Onto some niche things I’ve been experimenting with: Cold Righteous Fervor
Available with one melee weapon and practically nothing else. Heck, the top performing Cold RF build is a Deathmarked Set build that hardly even places points in RF.

For ranged, there’s one gun that does Elemental damage and that’s it. So I pull off some Silverbolt shenanigans and come up with this: Oppressor, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator Obviously weapon damage looks weak on Grimtools, but in game I believe it’s roughly 143K DPS with RF thanks to all the conversions.

First thing that’s apparent is the DA. Oh mighty, that DA. Can we please raise the DA on Deathguard Sigil from 18 to something like 45? If you want to use the Iceskorn gloves for more damage, these rings are the only thing giving Cold damage and points to Righteous Fervor, and when rings can give 70-100 OA/DA at a time, this pittance amount is a mockery.

This build makes it to the boss-room alright in SR75-76 (no way I’m trying a no pass-through gunner in Crucible), but is very prone to being burst down by Crits, so I imagine getting DA back to acceptable levels like 2800 would bring it just over the hump to being viable. Outside of replacing Toad with Quill, there’s not much I can devotion-wise, as switching from the Ultos set-up I have to a Leviathan set-up tanks all of my other stats, including much-need Physical Resistance.

I think Cold RF would be alright as a niche option once the stats problem gets fixed. Damage appears to be alright for SR75-76, as long as I don’t dive into a pack of Heroes like an idiot.


Can we get both forcewave bonuses on Mythical Earthsplitter changed to something more relevant to Earthsplitter’s actual use as an AA weapon? At this point, they’re artifacts from when forcewave had pierce damage on it, and every relevant set and piece of 1H forcewave gear is dedicated to IT. That’s on top of 1H forcewave being mediocre anyway.

Either that or give it similar mods to Amarastan crusher to enable 1H spam forcewave.

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