Happy Third Birthday to Grim Dawn!

Three years ago, a little big game known as Grim Dawn left the Early Access nest to become one of the highest rated ARPGs of all time.

Back then, we had no idea just how well the game would do, and now we are on the cusp of its second expansion! We could not be more amazed or pleased by the reception the game has received from all of you. Thank you!

Today we celebrate the game by blowing out some candles…oh and a little trailer you might have been looking forward to! :smiley:



Happy birthday Grim Dawn !
Great gameplay video, the best is going to come this year with FG !

Happy birthday here too :slight_smile: Amazing times for an amazing game!
And who are those 2 shadows in the background? :]

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the hard work and for this game masterpiece.

Thank you guys for this amazing game. You’re simply the best :wink:

after watching the trailer
Hooraaaaaaaay! IT’S COMING! All hail Crate! I’M SOOOOO HYPED!

The trailer is sweet, but the music is just awesome :cool:

Congratulations Crate!

congratulations Crate!

pretty sweet trailer too…

Those shadows in the background…they look different than in previous versions of this image…interesting…

Some mod should remove this thread, there’s already one to congratulate GD’s 3rd anniversary.

Best wishes, GD & Crate!
Thanks for an awesome ride!

We don’t talk about the uninvited guests

Happy Birthday Grim Dawn!

Can’t wait for the release of FG to sink another 1k hours into this beauty of a game!

Happy birthday Grim Dawn! Trailer is great too.

Now make the release on the 14th and that would make it an awesome present for my own BD :smiley:

Again… Raise thy Tri-Beers in salute to the almighty Crate!

Make that the 13th for my BD.

Happy 9th anniversary to Asylum as well. That’s sick man, your forum account is older than Zantai’s.

Happy birthday to the best ARPG I ever played since Diablo 2!

I have yet to find another game that managed to keep me hooked during all those years… :smiley:

Happy birthdays guys, trailer looks great.
Well and truly hyped now! Can’t wait!

3 years? Maybe because I have been in early access since the alpha, but to me it feels like I have been playing it for a decade. And I am still not bored with it! Which is a testament to how good the game is.

Heh, you can see Bysmilla’s hellhound pet in next to the target dummies! Guess he has one like those Stormhounds? Or maybe they are just guard dogs for the Bysmiel cult.
Are those raptor eggs there in the desert? I wonder if they work like hazards, hatching if you go near?
I wonder what that weird area is with the glowing vine bridges and a strange orb in the middle? Maybe the Eldritch realm?
Yay, Korvan Basilisks have new models, love the triangular scales.
Man those Korvan thralls look great, especially the big skull headed one with the hook arms. And the gryphons and guardian statues are big! The latter really remind of the Gigantes from TQ, with the body under the armor being just yellow energy.
And the Shattered Realm video shows that indeed we got Trog Trolls now, they are called Underdweller Behemoths.
Damn that T-rex boss is BIG! And I wonder what skills are being used in the Hellhound fight that such giant ice meteors are called down?
Took me a while to understand at the end though that Korvaak isn’t saying “Come, little human. I’ll be biscuit!” but “I’ll make this quick” :smiley:

I got this game around early December when it was about 9 months old. I’ve played it enough that it feels like I’ve had it a lot more than two years. Happy Birthday to my favorite ARPG yet.

Happy Birthday. That picture is so characteristic for GD: Love to details (how every skull below those candels is turned into a different direction and is shaped slightly differently from each other skull in the pile… how the fingers of that aetherinfested hunchbacked zombie bend…) and a sense of humor i haven’t encountered in other arpgs. May the xpac sell splendidly!