Harbinger inconsistency

Harbinger’s Aim (Granted by Item)
The Harbinger was an expert in ranged combat, preferring the use of a rifle to take out his foes at range.

Harbinger’s Grasp (Granted by Item)
The Harbinger earned his reputation by combining the lethal power of guns with occult magic.

And then you find the Harbinger of Eternal Suffering, and it’s a… crossbow. :eek:

And, thus, the true nature of suffering was revealed unto thee! :smiley:

And while you at it, Crate, make this set at least semi-useful

I didn’t try yet but on paper it doesn’t look so bad

I have been struggling to build around it for a while now.

It seems made for a cadence witchblade, the ranged variety obviously.

Sadly Valdun is just better in every way for ranged cadence. So is the double pistol build JoV made recently. And probably others that I don’t remember.

I’m trying to build a Deceiver around it and failing miserably.

Yeah cadence but you have a weapon dmg boosted doombolt too