Hardcore Build Proposal

Greetings fellow adventurers.
Iam glad that iam part of the Grim Dawn family since like many people have said here and in various forums this game is the Diablo 1/2 we wanted and maybe much more.Thumbs up to Devs for that.
What builds would people propose melee and ranged for a Hardcore build in version for a person that is a veteran ARPG players but wants to discover a bit safe this game (as safe a hardcore build can be, ofc i know whatever you propose me wont be 100% death safe).
Thanks in regard

If you start from scratch and got no experience with the game, take either primal strike warder, or SoC conjurer. The other way around is S&B witchblade, but you’ll eventually die out of boredom.

2H Fire Strike commando.
DW Saboteur.

If you want 100% death safe honestly I started the Retaliation Warder and while yes I’m dying of boredom I guess you could start with a Devouring Swarm to move fast and when it get slower move toward Primal Stike to be faster. Once you have some devotion point and some level under your belt swap to the Retalitation build unless I’m sitting in a pool of damage you can effectively play chess while killing boss (1 click every 12 seconds to refresh Wendigo Totem is the only thing you need) I did kill the final boss at level 36 (my first char did at lvl 52 and my second at level 45 while risking death this one at 36 nearly got me to sleep but never used a single potion)

If you want some excitement it is more dangerous but a Poison Caster will afford you nice damage (lot of item to choose from) and picking either Shaman or Soldier would offer you more survivability. Being able to just throw a couple of spell every 3/4 seconds and move around while having the bonus defensive aspect from either Shaman or Warder could probly bring you far.

Thanks for the quick replies on the builds.If someone else bumps on this post and has a proposal as well and directing to some builds on the compendium it will be greatly appreciated.
Long time since i saw such an active community and thats refreshing.Cheers

I can draw you a raw concept, without explanation of gear and components in details. You’ll modify it as you wish.

You can always search in the compendum for these builds - they are presented in details there. But my advice is to stay away from the conpendum for a while, before you learn the basics. A great portion of builds in this section are e-peen show-offs, gear dependent, hard to level up, hardcore unfriendly, or straight noob traps.

IMO take the journey alone and learn by yourself. The most important is to pay attention to the game mechanics, it’s what’s going to define your progression as a whole.

My opinion is to start with a simple 1 button build, with suficient survivability and damage output, easy to gear up on the go. That’s why warder two hander.

primal strike warder
fat, easy to gear up, good damage, easy to play with

Put the spare skill points where you like. Not the best build, nor the strongest, but good for a startup. When you make a playthrough and learn the game you can tackle the “weird” builds as well.

Of course thats the point and thats why i said that iam a veteran of these games.The people including you ,that posted their proposals here just helped me a bit so i can make my own game build.
After all people that dont ask for someone with more experience some tips and think they know everything in every subject are guaranteed to fail.
Thanks for your reply and again ill pinpoint that seeing a community so active is refreshing