¿hardware recommendation?

hello, I know this topic is tedious, but I would like to know if there is really a change between using a decent graphics and increasing ram, currently I do not have a graphics card, and I have 16gb of ram memory and a ryzen 5 3400 processor, does it make a difference to add a graphics card or increase another 16gb of ram memory? in my country 16gb of ram are cheaper in relation to 1:5 in a good nvidia 3060 graphic

ps: of course I use the video to a minimum, and I accept the slow speed, understanding that at least if it requires a graphic.

I don’t think the RAM will really help. The only thing that will help performance much rn is optimization from the devs. It also depends on how many frames you’re getting.

I have a GT 1030 2GB with a 2700X CPU, I get between 15-20 frames at all time and it’s playable.