Has anyone ever made a successful Cold-based S&B tank?

I’ve got my Phys Warlord and Vit DK tanks pretty much where I want them, so I’m now tinkering on options for a Cold-based tank.

Seems to be a bit harder than some other options - i’ve gotten ‘close’ but there are a few significant weakspots, mainly very low Physical resistance, poor direct damage (although reasonable AoE and proc damage), and low life steal which may limit its survivability.



If anyone has a working S&B Cold tank, I’d really appreciate being linked it so I can see how you’ve worked it :slight_smile:


What level of survivability are you looking for? This is what I’ve come up with for S&B Cold Blademaster:

OA will be lower now with the shift from Lethal Assault to Pneumatic Burst but it still has the 270 DA shred on Blindside to keep up effectively 3k OA. Some Physique can also be shifted over to Cunning if more is still wanted.

Thanks for the link - looks interesting - I hadn’t thought about using the Warden shield, forgot about the stupid amounts of PR they can get :slight_smile: I’ll do some more experimentation!

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