Has anyone tried a 7-shard Trozan build? Seeking feedback

Hi guys, I was looking into trying to make this sort of build viable. At the moment it’s definitely glass-castery and will probably die if something sneezes on it too hard, but with seven trozan shards per cast, I figured this build would have great spike damage output. Has anyone made something similar? I’d love to see what others have come up with that are similar -


Hey, that’s really neat that you managed to get the extra projectile. I thought the max was 6 from DW Starkeepers.

The single hit will probably be pretty big, but the DPS might be lower than a 1s CD Rolderathis Tome setup with resets from Eternity.

I highly suggest dropping the Aether side, as lightning is the common denominator on all of your gear.
Dropping Aether would allow taking Star Pact for extra CDR. CDR = more casts = DPS

And, I hate to be that guy but, have you tried the meta spear + ultos lightning devotions?


I see your point about focusing on lightning, but unfortunately the Allaghast set which gives it an extra shard, also converts all cold damage to Aether damage; there’d be so much damage lost if that wasn’t part of the damage focus, I felt!

Still, you might also be right in that overall DPS (and fluidity of playstyle) might be simpler and nicer with the more typical DW Starkeepers cold/lightning build…

Hey man, what works for you in practice definitely trumps a theorycraft GT. Losing half of the tooltip damage did catch my eye when I was fiddling with it originally.

The question is, does the multiplicative bonus from the additional projectile actually boost DPS more than CDR + the large % bonuses found on a caster offhand?

If you are set on going the hybrid route, have you tried Mage Hunter (which is supported by Allagast)?

I do recommend draining points around to softcap Blast Shield at 10/12 for increased max res.

What’s up with the 800-ish cunning? I can’t check on my mobile, but if you have attribute points in cunning, you don’t need any

I wanted to make use of higher OA for moar crits :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly; It’d take a bit of field testing to compare the two approaches - extra shard vs %bonus and CDR…

I expect %bonus and CDR is more fun and overall more fluid (even in terms of, if you miss a spell you don’t have to wait as long before you can try again, making it less risky to miss a spell with the CDR).

I did look into Mage Hunter, but decided I could get significantly better resistance reduction with demo.

How do you feel about using Aeon’s Hourglass? It might smooth things out gameplay wise (double tap with TSS).

You’re right about RR on Demo.

Finding other sources of OA would benefit you greatly, I think, since stacking spirit will help with energy sustain and bonus % magic damage to make up for low % Aether.

Something like this, maybe: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnXQKdV

Edit: Draining points from Iskandra’s to max Fabric of Reality makes your % bonuses almost equal. Racial damage will fix problems with most very resistant enemies as well AFAIK https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25LMjoN