Has crate made it much harder to effectively play multiple characters?

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so this is something I’ve been thinking about. I play more than most people do in a day I think I can safely say. Anywhere between about 10 and 14 hours every day stopping only for food and toilet breaks. I decided to get my first character I ever made completely kitted out with new components and now I am wondering how if you have more that one character it is possible to effectively get them all kitted out? I’m not just talking about the ugdenbloom.

Crafting these components has put a serious dent in my components stash from over a thousand hours of game play. With a rejig of the build I got it to perform much better in AoM but then I started using the new components and the difference is night and day, especially with the seal of annihilation but this is where the problem comes. The seal is best in slot in my opinion because of all the benefits but it is 20 ugdenbloom to make one, putting aside old component costs. So first you have to have the blueprint drop which probably has taken maybe a hundred hours (being generous) and then you have to have the ugdenbloom which I had to spend some time farming for as my play through AoM on multiple characters had only netted me 25 ugdenbloom which I needed for the runebound topaz. Some builds I have planned for end game need 50+ ugdenbloom for one character not taking into account material costs to make the components themselves.

So if I have six characters I am working on and enjoying that is 300+ ugdenbloom plus whatever components are needed to go with the ugdenbloom and the iron bits as well.

I love the game and it helps me in so many ways dealing with stuff I deal with on a day to day basis but I enjoy playing multiple characters and planning builds and things and I just can’t see (beyond spending hours and hours of tedious ugdenbloom run) how multiple characters can be viable legitimately. I don’t mind farming but I want the farming to be rewarding not just running to 10 different points on the map and then rinse and repeat. With the farming I get more of the tree stump monsters that net no ugdenbloom than the good stumps and of the good stumps I get one or two ugden a run. I’d much rather be fighting the tree monsters to earn my ugdenbloom than running the same route over and over.

Maybe you could make ugdenbloom drop from the non hero tree monsters as well? That way we’d have a reason to farm them if the drop chance was high enough. I can’t even imagine how the casual player who has a few hours during the week to play will ever be able to legitimately get the components they need for their builds to be at maximum potential.

I don´t remember:
Was trading cheating for you or legitimate?

While farming/leveling you´ll find a lot of Legendaries and Epics which you don´t need. I trade them for Ugdenblooms (or other components) or, in case of Epics, dismantle them. Dismantling can bring you Ugdenblooms, too.

I thought you could craft them from pre aom components as well now?

Ah, forgot about this. :slight_smile:

sigh I didn’t say trading was cheating. I said trading items is pointless because legitimacy concerns and if you weren’t concerned it wasn’t legitimate why even trade?

Anyway that is not my point. I shouldn’t have to trade in a way that is third party and not built into the game just the get the most out of my build or builds.

Like I said, I like farming and playing and getting my loot legitimately but my concern in this case is that the farm for such an expensive component is not satisfying. Yes something you get to fight a hero tree bloke and get an ugdenbloom from him but just running the same route over and over is tedious and not fulfilling just to maximise potential of a build. I’m hoping when they bring in the new dungeon there will be more chances at getting ugdenbloom. I’d rather fight Sylvaria over and over again in a way that I didn’t have to look for the random entrance and run to her every time than run the same route over and over with no challenge to it. For me I want to find satisfaction in farming for components where there are challenges and interesting enemies to encounter.

Craft what from pre AoM components? If you are talking about the seals and the new components then yes they do have some requirements of old components but it is mostly the ugdenbloom and the lack of challenge/satisfaction in acquiring it.

The drop rate of ugdenblooms should have been increased in one of the recent patches I believe

Zantai said in I believe, so not yet.

I must be lucky because I get like 10-15 every time I run to the undergrowth skipping 60% mobs and I ignore the stumps because I didn’t realise they dropped from stumps…

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